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From WordPress to Ownpress

August 16, 2010

I will be using my own domain to press TM definition post to Technology Management Defined. I’ll be posting redirects to this new home where you can follow the same theme, until such time you get used to it . . .


And then there was 3!

July 20, 2010

Ericsson, NSN or Nokia Siemens Networks, and Huawei battle it out in the ultra competetive telecommunications industry. The latest consolidation . . . NSN + Motorola.

TM8© (TeamMate) Approach

April 20, 2010

TM1 : Identify the PROBLEM
   – How do we define the gap between the current situation and the target?
TM2 : ANALYZE the problem
   – How does our analysis help realize the problem?
TM3 : Determine the ROOT CAUSE
   – How do we identify the root cause?
TM4 : Develop a SOLUTION
   – How will our solution solve the problem?
TM5 : PLAN for action
   – How will we implement the solution?
TM6 : IMPLEMENT the solution
   – How are we progressing with the plan?
TM7 : EVALUATE the outcome
   – How do we know that the problem has been solved?
TM8 : CONTROL the result
   – How do we know that the problem will never occur again?

With El Nino and La Nina, forecasting weather becomes half easier. It’s  going to be hot or very wet. How hot it is going to be or the volume of water pour is a different forecasting in itself. Not so long ago, weather forecast were published only on  the daily newspaper and on prime time television news. Nowadays there is the internet and a full-access of information that comes from the bureau ( and organizations with the same interest. With the high profile case of climate changes, the P.I. is not spared (remembering Ondoy), which brings me to ask how are data gathered for analysis. If i read the daily forecast, it normally provides a temperature range for the whole day, i.e. 25 to 35 deg-C.

Practically that’s taking the probability of 25-35 applied to say 7am to 9pm of the day. Now weather may be the least of your concern from going to the office  ’till you head back home and looking for an umbrella because its raining like crazy. But the same weather can make or break your day. 25-35 will surely provide a good accuracy rate (right) but it is not as precise as we need it to be. Consider bringing umbrella or raincoat and not be able to use it is another way of looking at it.  Probe.

And lots of probes everywhere. I can remember making barometer and anemometer while in primary school as a science project, ever wondered where the gadgets ended up. Fast forward to the present and more technical schools after, we can install this project in every corner of the streets hidden on a lamp post or street signs. Powered by the sun or the harnessed wind and connected to a public wifi – the collected data by these probes can be uploaded to the bureau or a shared database. With different forecasting methods the public data can be very useful!

How about preparing the day with a very useful weather forecast. And there’s no other way to be prepared from a disaster than having a reliable historical data to analyze. Instead of simply watching video clips of the past.


February 22, 2010

In less than 3 months now the Philippines will be making yet another history, the automated election. The preparation process has been shadowed by doubts and controversies, a common phase in the acceptance of change.  This exercise is also a continuous development of the Philippines commitment to e-governance. Fellow TM’ate Gary Manalo has compiled references of Philippines e-gov initiatives through his blog

My father Rene Mallillin (#16) is running for Councilor in the second district of Mandaluyong. If the residents of the district decides for a change come May 11, i will be more than willing to implement the promises of e-gov.

I attended our highschool (HS) reunion last december, more of a christmas party. There’s a handful of batchmate (Aquinas B’89) who is also in the Information ang Technology Management industry.  Val (na walang malay) M. is into ethical hacking and is managing clealy was into something. We are now collaborating to form an end-to-end managed complaince company.

OpenProj=MS Project

December 11, 2009

If you’re looking for an alternative MS Project-like application, you may want to download OpenProj by Serena Software. Download the application for free!

For the list of PM Tools

Repost from egroup:

Urgent need of a Content Admin Assistant (contractual) with the following requirements:

·        Provide marketing communications support for the CMS Team tasked to build, develop, manage, update and maintain content for Amway’s e-commerce and corporate web site (A2U).  Specifically, the successful candidate will be heavily involved as user of a web base solution in coordinating, publishing, distributing and migrating text, brand/product images and contents on the web site using a digital interface platform.

–        Knowledge of the Internet, HTML coding and Adobe Dreamweaver CS4
–        Computer literate
–        Must be a good team player with leadership ability
–        Dedicated and willing to work long hours
–        Knowledge of graphics editing and imaging a plus

Interested parties may email their CVs to Ms Bojie V. De Leon through or call (02)8148181 ext 3012 for inquiries.

I just signed up with ‘No Kahuna’ in just less than a minute. I also created a project in less than 3 minutes. It’s the simplest pm tool i have tested — tracking tasks/activities and attaching files. But that’s basically it! Simple projects needs No Kahuna. Start managing your projects, sign up and log in to