So What Are You Taking Again?

September 20, 2006

Technology management in the Philippines is a relatively new discipline. When I entered the program and people knew I was enrolled, they asked me what it was about. For a long time I fumbled about what to say, because the answer to the question “What is technology management?” is not “Uh, the management of technology?”

People automatically equate the word technology to information technology. While it is true in a way, it is not the only technology. Technology is everywhere, it even exists in that pathetic excuse for transportation you keep calling a car. I can go on and on explaining what is technology management, but I choose not to because I’d rather you take TM201.

If that turns out to be too much work for you (oh God, the reaction papers, the group meetings, the reports, the final paper, and if you’re unlucky enough, the final exam), you can always tune in to this blog, and let us all define TM for you. Our way.

This blog was conceptualized quite a while back but never got off until now. Mainly because my co-administrator do not know how to blog, and will not recognize WordPress from Blogger even at gunpoint. I gave in eventually, partly because I have been blogging for nearly three years now, and also because he promised to pay for my DSL subscription. I’ve already said yes until I realized I didn’t have one; as sad as it may sound, I’m still your dial-up girl.

We are a group of people coming from various backgrounds and disciplines, and the one thing we have in common aside from being thrown together by fate to be in the same batch, is that we love to talk. But because people’s eyes tend to glaze over while we are expressing our opinions, we decided to write it down. That way we can print it and shove it down your throats. Just kidding of course.

We promise (or I can, at least) not to bore you with words like “paradigm shift” or “business model”. We will talk about technology management in our everyday lives because, as I have said earlier, it is everywhere. We want to present the subject in the most non-technical way, so that people who are not enrolled in TM201 can also understand what is a pacing technology.

So, ladies and gentlemen, start the RSS feed.

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