It’s a TeaM Blog alright…Our Definition

September 21, 2006

UP TMCYeah, yeah so i tricked redjeulle into starting this blogspace ; ) Actually i tricked the whole bunch! Its been quite a while since we haven’t had our (as Ojie refer to it) ‘mamam’ meet. And it seems it’ll become rarely possible to get together since everybody have their own excuses 😦 So i figure, create something that’ll keep us updated in a topic we eagerly share — Technology Management. If not for UP TMC, in 2003 we met each other in what you might call ‘TM Summer Camp’, a refresher course of x no. of weekends before we actually enrol in a regular class.

Although more than half of the batch have finished the course, a handful of them in this team, i’m one of the the selected few who is taking the normal pace. I’m yet to finish point 1 and point 2, 2 electives in which I’m taking Knowledge Management right now. And the dreaded Comprehensive Exam. Hopefully i’ll finish by 2007!

So what’s this space all about? The team — I reckoned the more the merrier, after digesting endless book readings and working on business cases, will be able to share how to apply TM in your daily challenges. And blogging about these is the simplest, fastest way and with widest reach of audience. If you can remember ‘Doogie Howser, MD‘ tv series in the late 80’s he keeping his journal in his pc diary at the end of the show. And we are able to view it because of television — that’s assuming the doctor is for real. Fast forward we have the internet + weblog.


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