Seriously Introducing

September 25, 2006

I am not so much of a writer and it was because of tons of paper work and case studies in Technology Management that I somehow developed at least a minute inclination to putting my thoughts and opinions into black-and-whites. But since I am part of this site, a welcome note is compulsory, hence, this entry and the exercise of my newly-found skill.

I never really had any idea, much less a thought, about this discipline, after all I was a hardcore scientist-to-be, with all those scientific preparation since high school. Management was deemed as an escape from all technical things I later on wished I totally escaped from. In fact, I only enrolled because one of my college friends applied for the program and lucky for her, I got in.

Later on did I realize how important Technology Management is in nation-building. During that time, I was a civil servant and I was so enamored by the sense of importance because of its numerous applications within the government service, the Department of Science and Technology at that. It was a missing ingredient in my Messiahnic complex to be fully complete.

Beloved readers, this becomes our venue into satisfying the Messiahnic complex we have by sharing with you what we have learned from school, work and personal lives, in a TM perspective. Hopefully we get something in return, not really money, although of course it’s something that we all want. But seriously, we hope this becomes your source of valuable information especially in the conduct of your own lives – professional or otherwise.


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  1. Chris Says:

    hey ruprup,

    thanks for including me in ur list….i look forward to reading more blogs from your mates so we can be enlightened as well. and hey, for someone who has developed “at least a minute inclination” to writing… are doing quite well…congratulations!!!

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