Whoa… A TM blog?

What the heck am I doing here? A TM blog? But wait, for those who don’t know, TM means Technology Management. Yeah yeah… I know what you’re thinking. You might be asking, what’s that? Well, if this blog ever gets off the ground then we will find it out together.

Because of a series of bizarre events, a pretty bunch of crazy guys and gals somehow managed to hatch this idea. Wow, if you can only see the discussions we had in another site. Honestly I didn’t think people were taking it seriously? Well maybe me, but I kinda thought it was one of those things that people wanted to talk about but never really had the time to do something about it. Credit goes to tivo and redjeulle for getting us this far.

Anyway, I first found out about TM way back in 2003. I was actually looking for a project management course in UP thru the internet and for whatever divine intervention, it led me to the TMC. When I got there, I was actually surprised to find the building is not inside UP but around it. I thought, oh well, at least I won’t have to blend in with the college students who were half my age before they start thinking I’m one of their crazy professors.

So, there I was curious where this will lead me, because honestly TM was also new to me back then. Since the project management course was part of MTM I decided to try it out. And hold and behold, after three long years, I have become a part of true believers in the mystic force of TM, whatever force that may be.

You see, people doesn’t realy realize that our current existence in this universe really depend on how we learn to play with the technologies that we accept to adapt. This reason alone makes me wonder how we ever got this far. History will tell us that the blunders of science results in the destruction of nature. The destruction of nature obviously will result in the destruction of mankind. Ok, enough of that. Too profound for me to explain. I’ll just let this blog explain it for me.

And for those willing to share their ideas then by all means, you are all welcome.


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Twenty years of discovery; three industry giants ranging in food, telecoms, and IT; traveled across the globe in two continents and six countries; professed master of none; aspiring technopreneur; and future MTM. The alter ego of Han Solo and born out of the Indiana Jones era. How he wished he was either of them in another universe. Ericdc’s interests varies in many ways ranging from cars, motorcycles, computer gadgets, wireless devices, guns, boats, jets, animals, nature, composite materials, games, coffee, chocolates and whatever new things he could get his hands on. Don’t get him wrong. He owns none of them and definitely not an expert. But in a way he has an uncanny ability to understand things in a different kind of way. Can be reckless at times but he only does so based on his gut feel. He can be pragmatic but still able to pay particular attention to planning and details. Often times he gets into predicaments that only his foolhardy courage and wit can get him out of. His passion and conviction leads him to believe in the saying, “How good is a man if he cannot make his world better?”

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