a Councilor, Mayor and a Congressman

October 6, 2006

mandaluyong logoMy first task into this development, I requested for an audience with honorable’s Councilor Noel “the Big Daddy” Bernardo – the Chairman of Trade, Commerce and Industry, Mayor Neptali Gonzales II and Congressman Bejamin Abalos Jr. This is to consolidate the programs each offices are doing.

  • Big Daddy’s staff scheduled me next monday to meet the councilor before the council session. Bong, his staff graciously even invited me to attend a a round table meeting with the DTI representative and Mandaluyong chamber of commerce in which they conduct regularly for the development of ICT industry in the city. They are having an ICT week on the mid of November. I hope i can attend or at least get a schedule and activities for the post.
  • the mayor’s staff asked me to call on tuesday afternoon for the confirmation
  • the congressman’s staff asked me call monday afternoon to confirm a slot on the congressman’s weekly People’s Day : ) 

What a good start!

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