Good Start…Slo

October 9, 2006

I was quite optimistic when i said it was a good start. Well apparently, I kind of set my expectations too high : ) I need to remind myself that these guys are busy bodies so i need to be patient. Big Daddy was not available that morning. He have a breakfast meeting according to his staff, i arrived 9:15a for our 9:30a supposed meeting. Not quite sure if technology had a hand on his scheduling or just simply conflict of schedule. Anyway i stepped out of his office 5 before 10a deciding we’ll not have enough time even he arrives at 10a he has a 10:30 council session, a speedy meeting will not help. And so i re-scheduled — will call Bong for a follow up.

The request for the Mayor’s office went to the City Administrator?! They asked me to call after a day or two : )

The congressman’s office hotline is quite busy so by the time i got the call in, it’s tuesday and it’s past his People’s Day. So Andy Natividad asked me to call next monday for another shot. Apparently the honorable Congressman is going to Germany by mid of October so next week’s chance might be adjusted after All Sain’ts Day.

I’m betting my luck on Big Daddy’s office because so far he has the concrete projects that deals with my paper 🙂 But it’s worthwhile to pursue all 3.

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