Responsible TM

October 9, 2006

So what the heck is it?  Beats me… but I guess common sense will tell you that other than focusing on management and technology per se, there is surprisingly an element of TM that relates to the environment and community.

It is actually quite sad that learnings in TM have been focused more on the business aspect.  Not that it is a bad thing, but current trends show that aside from doing “good” business, a sense of “how” you do it in terms of impact in society and the environment is becoming more and more relevant.  Enterprises, especially big ones, have taken cognizance of this view and have taken steps in ensuring a more “sensitive and proactive” stance of doing business other than just looking at the bottomline.

It is with this spirit that I am participating in this endeavor with my esteemed colleagues.  The learnings in TM should not only be limited with business growth, marketing, innovation and what have you, but should also include lessons on how to become a responsible corporate citizen.

This may be the least glamorous or technically challenging aspect of business, but those interested will find this activity definitely engaging and quite interesting to say the least.  Join me in exploring this relegated part of the corporate world and let’s discover how responsible TM works.


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