Internet Cafe ++

October 10, 2006

R2D2Last night i was listening to ericdc‘s presentation of his business plan of setting up an internet cafe. I had to convince ojiels to come to class and with jrb‘s ride we were set to grill the presentors. From our batch ericdc, dwinnix and Sean took the stage. When you hear ‘Internet Cafe’ what comes to mind?

Gaming, gaming, gaming oh and there’s chat by the way…

But there’s more to it than just that. Of course you have the usual business model of adding a handful of small business services. There’s still a huge gap between market need and service provider and ericdc had drilled down into positioning his business model. He’s even into “domination” mode by forecasting a good number of shops in a couple of years.

Now how do you compete with Netopia and just recently, a new business product from PLDT, an Internet Cafe startup package? That’s where service innovation comes into play, and our entrepreneur here does not lack that! Nobody has the monopoly of anything as long as you have the mindset to compete and a knack of doing things differently.

More on ericdc‘s Internet Cafe ++ as he unfolds the “right mix” of service.  

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