Developing Creativity Part 2

October 13, 2006

Ok, so now we all know that creativity can be developed.  It is not that everyone is lucky to have a good DNA combination for you to be born with creativity, but at least, just like physical beauty, it can be developed.  Surely, nowadays, you see a lot of things impossible being made possible.

Sharing a simple strategy to spark creativity, the mix-and-match (MnM) concept is not a new one, but at least I get the honor to reiterate the importance of knowledge gathering and then incubating them into workable ideas or solutions.  The MnM uses certain knowledge to be applied to other sets of knowledge.  To make it clearer, imagine the blurring of lines among industries, such as between the pharmaceutical and food industries giving the nutraceuticals industry or between cosmetics and pharmaceutical = cosmeceutical.  Clearly, the evolution of industries are based on the combination of certain knowledge or discipline.

 To date, we see the same strategies employed by several Filipino companies, for example URC, who is out to eat the entire Coke market with the launching of Teazz Green Tea Cola.  It’s a tea, but made similar to your usual softdrinks with its carbonated water and cola flavor.  URC has blurred the functional drinks (isotonics, tea-based, energy drinks, etc.) with the softdrink industry.

Upcoming trends would be the combination of beverage and skin care giving rise to drinkable beauty products (these are already popular in Japan, not in a medicinal approach, e.g. beauty green tea).

It’s just MnM honey!

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