Their Space… commemorating loved ones

October 17, 2006

pandi.jpgThere’s about 13 days before we celebrate all soul’s day. I can only imagine how the cemeteries full of people paying respect to their loved ones. It’s the time of the year where traffic jam, crime and business opportunities converge catering for the 2-3 days of mourning and/or celebration. I also reflected on writing this post as a family member of my wife passed away a couple of days ago. The lamay is being held at Pandi, Bulacan. I have never been there; my wife normally goes there with family members and our car happens to be out of service. So we need to commute from Manda. And so we asked for the directions and with Google Earth’s coverage, off we go.

Naturally texting on the way we find it easy to reach the place. And so we mourned, and because it’s a typical Pinoy lamay there’s the infamous sakla, I curiously watched how it was played. They we’re urging me to place a beginner’s luck bet but I refused as gambling is gambling, the dealer always has the higher chance of winning, my casino rule.

I suppose my wife’s family is typical Pinoy, big and they are all over. Not only in the Philippines but also those who pursued the American dream – middle class abroad. Death is certain but you cannot schedule it. Relatives and friends abroad and even throughout the province cannot attend the lamay or libing on short notice.

There are providers of Their Space, which provides information on the whole service;

The service may provide;

  • Public announcement
  • Private login for relative’s and friends
  • Multimedia such as pictures, videos
  • Authobiography and achievements of the departed
  • even donations collection to help the family.

Will this lessen traffic jam, crime and business opportunities? Is this service acceptable to our culture? How do we share the experiences to our relatives and friends abroad – technology? I’m scanning the web service in the Philippines but can’t find one : ( except for the obits from ‘buy and sell‘. As they always say you don’t have to go to their resting place to remember them, they are always in your thoughts and in your hands. And now with TheirSpace!

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