What is Technology Management?

October 24, 2006

Well, since our blog name is TM definition, I would like to define technlogy management as I have learned it from the 1/4 of a decade I spent learning it.

Whenever a friend would ask me what is TM, I usually reply with a nonchalant answer: “similar to MBA but focusing more on how to use technology to gain profit”. Probably, I was just undermining their comprehension ability or I just do not want to talk about technology management with them. But seriously, I guess, my nonchalant definition would somehow provide a littlebit of justice on the course.

To be more elaborate about this, I believe, technology management is just the same as any other management disciplines you have out there. It is basically employing the following traits:

  • Planning
  • Organizing
  • Staffing
  • Implementing
  • Monitoring/Evaluation

However, you need to add the TECHNOLOGY FACTOR into all the abovementioned activities. We all know that technology makes life much easier or more complicated, however technology figures in your life. But technology was made and developed primarily because there is a need to be fulfilled and you want to make things so much easier.
Technology thereby becomes an imperative factor that you need to incorporate in the daily carrying on of your professional lives. It is a very important tool, together with the values that go along with it – innovation, creativity, efficiency – in the conduct of your business.

And technology applies to all – from marketing to communications, product developments, process innovations, etc. And through technology management, we can show you the way how to harness technology development and innovation to create value for your company, giving you the edge to compete, providing you your competitive advantage.

Ok, for more valuable information, you may check out Technology Management Center, UP Diliman.


16 Responses to “What is Technology Management?”

  1. mohamud ahmed gaani Says:

    thak u all of u,any way is there any one can explain to me what is the defernce between (competency of technology managmenet and relevancy of technology management)

  2. sss Says:

    i want to know about technology management in social field.

  3. Anil Kumar Says:

    Thanks a lot for providing this information…!!!

  4. Technology Management Says:

    Technology Management

  5. Victor Kaunyangi Says:

    The article should clearly differentiate management aided by technology and management of technological businesses.

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