Hi, I’m a Mac.

The Mac and PC war is escalating. Where before the personal computer dominated the business world, and Macs are delegated to the more artistic side of computing, now that line is blurry as both technologies are crossing over to the side of the other.

 PC users win by the number of users, but as Mac people would attest to (including me), Apple thought a lot before it leapt. I have only been using my second hand iBook G4 for three months, but since I bought it I never once did I do a system shutdown. If I got tired of working I just slam it shut and it would go on a peaceful sleep. Try that on Windows.

After years of being a PC user, a Mac is like the dream you never thought would become real. No viruses, spyware, or the blue screen of death. I plug in anything and it works instantly. No additional software to install for every single file. I am free.

The crossing over is evident though, I have MS Office for Mac. Apple also launched the Mac Pro, just plug in a monitor and a keyboard and you’re ready to go. They also came out with a variety of advertisements comparing the PC and Mac, urging people to switch. Some of them are featured here.

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