Free Lifestyle Mag! Free Parking! Free WiFi! Go Robinsons!

I always thought of alternatives as a good choice. They may be behind the leader, but they surely knows how to lure customers to switch sides. If not for a bigger space for my kids to walk around and my wife’s SM Advantage card, we won’t frequent ‘the mother of all malls’.  And then there are Robinson’s malls, the Galleria is way off our radar but when the Pioneer opened ’twas more than alternative. They’ve got free lifestyle magazine, of course highlighting their merchandisers, with growing kids aside from the articles, the images are good source of school assignment cut-outs : ) Free parking after 5p, on weekends and holidays — and with a certain minimum purchase (my wife always takes the tab), gracious! This is a must for spending mall goers! I do understand the meaning of leverage but the Sy’s need to re-think their customer service cum customer rewards, if they ought to be relevant to the community.

wifi.jpgAnd for those who are bored working at the office or at home, there’s FREE WiFi (read my lips F-R-EEEE). Actually i wrote this post after my wife and i took a dinner, she took off to buy (x-mas) stuff and i stayed. Internet connection is getting more and more of a utility nowadays. You read email daily or send sms using the internet, do banking online, shopping and even pay bills. A more advance society has setup an entire city to have wireless connection as a service to it’s constituents. The site provides information on what’s happening on communities going wireless. Google even bid for a project in hope to gain market share to such service, why not. Im sure we’re way off that status, but going to that direction.Hmmm what will eric’s competetive advanatge by then? Having the whole mall covered with wifi seems to be a good proposition. The mall in itself is a community within a confined structure.

That gives me an idea to create a directory in of wifi hotspots in Mandaluyong city — free or otherwise, and Robinson will definitely on the top of the list at least top of mind when you mention FREE.

By the way, on ‘mamam’ sessions — it’s always a must to have it on a WiFi Free Environment.

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