The Internet. What’s in it for you?

November 5, 2006

Who hasn’t heard of the internet? Ask me that ten years ago and I would probably be among those who would look at you with a blank face. Its transformation from obsurity into commercial applications has drastically changed the way people communicate, and in no small measure, the way we live.

I started to use the internet because of email. Back then, I felt detachment from these emails. It was totally different from actually receiving and reading a hand-written letter. Try receiving an actual hand-written letter from someone you know and you’ll probably understand what I’m saying. I guess things were about to change and the internet provided me with a different set of playing field I used to my advantage. Connectivity and accessibility are the two key elements that makes the internet attractive.

Is the internet a technology? I don’t think so. I consider it a different medium of expression. The infrastructure to get you connected and the services that goes along with it are the technologies behind the internet. With new devices continuously being developed, the internet has expanded and become faster, more convenient, and reliable.

As a media format, we simply access the internet to fulfill our desires and feelings. I can’t seem to get by another day without checking what’s new in the internet. It’s become a daily habit. Is it bad? Well it depends. As for me, I use it to check my emails or messages, chat with friends, read the news bulletin, or try writing in a journal now called a blog. To use it in a more productive way, we can use the tons of information at our fingertips to create or develop an “idea”. Want to be an artist, painter, photographer, writer, musician, make your own video, sell a product or service, buy something? Do it in the internet.

However, there’s also the darker side to the internet like cybersex, online gambling, online gaming, or online affairs.  There’s also the tendency for someone to become detached from the real world.  I guess we all have to learn how to properly balance things and the time spent in the internet is one of them.  Too much of a good thing can turn out to be bad.  To judge someone who is online most of the time as being irresponsible or psychologically sick depends on one’s perception and understanding.  We must remember that the internet was meant to be good.  How we use it in order to do something good is up to us.  We are, after all, accountable for our actions.

So what’s the Internet to you?


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  1. Hi Tivo! Congrats to your group blog!

  2. Tivo Says:

    Thanks Janet! I hope it qualifies to your blog network.

  3. ericdc Says:

    Hi Janette! Thanks for dropping by.

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