I took a break, not KitKat!

November 6, 2006

I took a 2-weeks vacation leave from work. No laptop no internet, just my mobile phone and just personal calls. I can never remember i have done this before, but it’s worth it. I missed tons of emails as a came back today, well that’s the punishment of having to relax here at Amazing Thailand! My wife’s friend operates a tour and travel company so we got a very good deal, and it’s not the peak season yet so it’s a double. If you plan to have a vacation, let me know i’ll refer you to Jaki.

The other thing i did was meet with my TM Team mates. The group maintains the Technology Management blog,  we define and provide how-to’s about technology.  It’s our 2nd meet and it’s always a requirement to have it in a wifi free environment, and we had it at Robinsons Mall Pioneer. It gives me the idea of posting a directory of wifi hotspots in Manda!

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