PC for $100, Monitor Not Included! Gawang pinoy – by Raffy Mananghaya

November 9, 2006

I’m not sure if you have read about the notebook that was developed from MIT Lab for $100. It was not designed to be commercialized rather to aid the less fortunate communities in giving affordable access to technology and information. More specifically for the countries in the African continent.

Here comes a PC for $100, about Php 5,000.00 (depending on what conversion rate you are using). It’s designed and built by no other than Prof. Raffy Mananghaya, from University of the Philippines Los Banos, who happens to be our professor in Financial Analysis for Technology Managers. I’ve heard about as many flavors of Linux out there, but this is the first time I’ve heard of PuppyLinux. Which of course by the name itself will serve miniature hardware specifications (the article contains the complete specifications). In short, “thin” clients that only runs specific applications it was designed for, more specifically web applications. With the advent of applications created to be a service rather than a product, this proposition may revive Sun’s Network Computer where the applications resides in the network somewhere else and the user just need a client to connect to that service. Which does not require computing power, just as the revved-up power computers nowadays.

Keep it up, Mr. Mananghaya! How much is the monitor, by the way? 

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  1. You are a true artistic genius! The mutli-functionality of this piece is putting me into awe. You have really swept me away! Super job!

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