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November 10, 2006

The building that is under construction beside the Kaban ng Hiyas (or the Library)  is  going to have a one-stop-shop service for business startups. According to Bong the Mandaluyong Chamber of Commerce will be operating the service that includes the registration of your business name which of course under the the DTI supervision. At any rate you may apply or check the availability of your business name from DTI’s website. As soon as its available i suggest you register it even if you’re not starting your business. this is to ensure that you can use it.

The online registration will take a couple of days depending how long you pay the fee on any Metrobank. The documentations are sent to your mailing address. So you better schedule the leadtime when applying for other permits that requires the DTI document. On the otherhand going to the DTI office at Buendia, Makati will ensure 2 days at the minimum and you can start using your business name. This way you are able to mingle with different folks aspiring to be in the world where they control their destiny. You can also use this opportunity to network with them. Who knows the one sitting next to you can be your supplier or customer.

So go on! Register your business!


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