Be aware – it’s fake!

November 13, 2006

Who has not been to a “tiangge”? Try going to Divisoria – or for those trying to avoid the traffic, go to Greenhills – and you’ll find out. It’s a grouping of small shops or stalls selling all kinds of stuff from clothes, shoes, perfumes, belts, dvd’s, vcd’s, watches, etc. It’s a shoppers haven. It’s also the haven for cheap imitations. Get real, do you really expect to buy genuine branded products such as Gucci, Rolex, Lacoste, Polo, or Nike in these places? Of course not. But why do people still go there and eventually buy them? Simply put, because it is CHEAP. Unfortunately it is also illegal because it’s Piracy.

RA 8293 or more popularly known as the Intellectual Property (IP) Code of the Philippines imposes strict rules regarding patents, copyrights, and trademarks. If you have not noticed it in the news, law enforcers are clamping down on companies and people who are breaking laws against IP. The law is not there just to protect the owners of the IP but also the consumers because the patents, trademarks, and copyrights that goes along with a product ensures the quality of that product.

A branded product brings with it the prestige and image of owning such products. Companies go certain lengths to ensure its quality and their reputation goes along with it. There’s a price for keeping such reputation, and it does not come cheap. If a buyer wants to save on costs he does not have to buy a fake product. All he needs to do is buy a product from a lesser brand. The quality might not be the same but would you expect a higher quality from a fake? You will just be fooling yourself.

Buy a Rolex and try showing it off. People would say you got a fake one. Unless you belong to the elite group of rich people then people might think otherwise. You see, buying expensive brands also means you have expensive taste. Expensive taste means you are rich enough to have such a rich lifestyle. Do you really think buying a fake expensive brand will make people think you have a rich lifestyle? I don’t think so. People would think you are cheap and fake.

So let’s not fool each other. Stop buying fake and cheap products. Buy Philippine-made. If Philippine-made brands are not yet at par with expensive brands, patronize them. Love our own. Eventually by patronizing them they will improve and in the process we are helping our nation’s economy. There are lots of good locally branded products around. The fake products are not even made here.

Be aware and be wise. Buying fake will not do us any good.


3 Responses to “Be aware – it’s fake!”

  1. dwinnix Says:

    sadly, like it or not, counterfeits are uncontrollable, particularly for knowledge-based products (software, videos, etc.), where quality can be compromised as long as the content is there. iba na talaga ang labanan bai, one has to continuously innovate to survive. kung di man kaya mag-innovate on the product itself, then maximize technology as enablers to achieve speed-to-market or one has to be innovative enough to deliver the products using the unconventional ways of marketing and distribution.

  2. ericdc Says:

    bai, counterfeits may not be stopped totally but at least it should be brought down to a managable level and tolerance. it starts with consumer awareness. piracy will prevail as long as people keep on buying them.
    if one has to fake a brand in order to sell his product, it does not help him at all. there are other means to achieve speed-to-market access. the internet is one where you can use ebay. another is the word-of-mouth or network marketing approach. just look at saralee, avon, and jcspice style of selling products. people think it as a “pyramid” scam but it is far from the truth. their style is just not a traditional way of selling by using the accepted marketing channels.
    knowledge-based product such as video, music, and software piracy are easy to detect. if its any consolation, piracy can actually do them good only to a certain extent because it simply makes these creative products popular. if you buy pirated software products, the service and upgrades does not go with it. you still lose out cause bugs will not stop annoying you. would you risk losing your files when your system crashes?
    we simply have to be aware what we are buying and the risks we are taking. kung pangsubok lang bakit hinde. wag na lang natin asahan tatagal. pero kung pangporma lang, sino lolokohin mo?

  3. I refuse to learn more as my brain is just melting. I am looking forward to the holidays ending this year. Seems outr industry has slowed a lot this year.

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