7 ways to use the $100 PC

Everybody have their own lucky number, you have the 7 habits of whatever, 7 wonders of the world, i’ll start my own series with ‘Tivo’s 7’. Why not?  I  live at the 7th floor,  was born on the 14th / 2, you get the point. In my first ‘7’ ill be giving out ‘7 ways to use the $100 PC’, in relation to my previous post  

  1. Internet Cafe. It’s like a cottage industry nowadays, you may notice a strip of joint with 5 to 15 PC’s serving the barangay market. With a lower cost of hardware ownership a full size laboratory is possible. In a quick calculation you can deploy 2 terminals in price of one commercial PC.  
  2. Commercial kiosk or thin client. since applications running as a service over the internet are popping nowadays. Small and medium enterprises can deploy a thin client, connect everything on the internet and invest on storage for their data consumption. The FOSS bill should take care of the OS expense. They can even extend the 100 buck pc to heavy foot traffic and use it as marketing or research tool.
  3.  Government kiosk or thin client. This time the bidding price is standard. E-services can then be available to basically anywhere the government wanted to deploy, thanks to wireless broadband. I wont be seeing unhappy government employees and q’ing endless line.
  4. School Lab terminal. 1 student 1 pc! With the low cost of investment, schools (not limited to public schools) can solve the problem of 2 to 3 students using 1 seat to use 1 pc.
  5. Home Use. how about 2 to 3 pc at home. Not a bad idea! Yaya can download how-to’s about first aid at home, not to mention doing ate or kuya’s project, why not be the secretary of papa. Lola can learn to cook dishes from a pc installed at the kitchen.
  6. Broadband PC. bundle,bundle,bundle. PLDT is doing it now. It’s like the mobile phone model. The telecom companies subsidize the hardware while they profit from the bandwidth. They can even tie-up with big malls, where they can have an account and shopping are done online. Now who needs the Mall of Asia?
  7. Give me the seventh. Oh, haven’t i mentioned, every time there’s a ‘Tivo’s 7’, I give 6 and you share your idea. What do you think are other ways of using the $100 PC?

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