7 Tech Gifts I wish for Christmas

December 23, 2006

If Santa was a technology manager, how i wish he can deploy (or complete) these solutions here in the Philippines… 

  1. Underground Wireline. With wireless network coverage and Philippines being the SMS capital of world, who needs fix line. Of course broadband is another issue. But i believe new installations of fix lines are buried underground, the existing lines and even cable tv lines are still hanging over the streets. If we can bring down the wireless subscription to equalize the fix line, we can also bring down those hanging wirelines.
  2. Biodiesel, LPG or CNG consupmtion. Most of the time i’m commuting to wherever i go (unless i can take a hitch from friends). Going to and from the office i take a tricycle and a bus, multiply that to an average middle income worker going to makati. That’s the number of people that needs to be transported using ‘refined’ fossil fuel. Thanks to LPG, taxi’s are converted to become more environment friendly. But not everybody can afford to take taxi on a regular basis. Biodiesel blend, from our very own coconut has been implemented to government vehicles. And next year CNG will be available — they say. With all these alternative fuels around i wish car makers design their engines to accomodate these environment friendly fuel. And the government implement at least biodiesel blend on buses and tricycles. My weekend car by the way uses a blend.
  3. Uninjectable vaccine. My kids are still under the care of a pediatrician, which means they’ll be recieving vaccines once and a while. And if my wife is lucky i’ll be around to accompany her when these vaccines needs to be administered. Max in the middle is a big screamer and physically able to resist the administration. How i wish there’s uninjectible vaccine around.
  4. Odorless garbage. I knew i read something about microorganisms that helps prevents garabage to emit foul odor. Imagine a  condominium trash chute that’s challenging to be cleaned regularly. If these organisms can be applied at the residents trash before going to the collecting bin, then the odor is minimized if not eliminated in common areas. 
  5. WLAN utility. The Robinsons Malls started it. Why not local government deploy it as  a utility for their constituents. Progressive cities like the Big 4, Makati and Mandaluyong, even Cebu and Davao should offer this service for free. make use of the tax instead of using it for shameless billboards.
  6. eGov. I’m sure this will raise eyebrows, whether the service is relevant (to the masses) or will it ever be implemented. I say there’s no other way but for the government to be effiecient. When i say eGov, i say practical implementation and not high technology that will end up as a case study and not for the people to benefit. Yes to 1 identification system!
  7. What’s your tech wish this christmas. Who knows Santa may be learning a thing or two about Technology Management. Rudolph’s red-nose must have a very techie reason.
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