INNOVATION FORUM: March 28, 4-6pm at Filipinas Heritage Library

March 19, 2007

from ‘katipunanforum’ e-group 

Dear Friend,
Please be advised, that you may receive a formal PDF invitation from Ayala Technology Business Incubator, for an event this March 28 Wednesday (4-6pm) called the INNOVATION FORUM.
We are launching the INNOVATION FORUM as a networking venue for technologists, angel/venture funders,  policy makers,  entrepreneurs, and those with an interest in  tech/innovation entrepreneurship. There will be 6 bimonthly forums each year, each with a specific technology focus (e.g. ICT, software/systems, wireless/mobility, biotechnology, etc.). A similar forum in Silicon Valley is the Churchill Club (
Our first guest this March 28, Wednesday (4-6pm) is Greg Tangonan,  a professor of  electronics engineering at the Ateneo. Greg is a  Caltech trained PhD,  retired as chief of the Hughes  Photonics and Communications lab in Los Angeles, CA, and has several published papers  and  48 US patents to his name.
Greg will speak about how the Philippines can close the  innovation gap.There will be a fee of P500 to cover refreshments and materials.
We hope to see you at what we hope will be the Philippines’ premiere networking and discussion venue for innovation and tech venture formation.
I hope to see you at our first INNOVATION FORUM next Wednesday!


Dennis Posadas
Consultant, University of the Philippines Ayala Technology Park
Tech Columnist, BusinessWorld
Regular Contributor, UCLA Asia Media
Author, RICE & CHIPS: Innovation and Technopreneurship in Asia
(to be republished by Pearson Education Asia this June 2007)


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