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June 13, 2007

Globalpinoy Chamber of Small and Medium Enterprises believes that a principal reason why the Philippines continues to lag behind its Asian neighbors in economic development is because of the lamentable absence of a wide-spread entrepreneurial orientation and a woeful lack of entrepreneurial skills among Filipinos. Even today, our youth are still brought up on the principle that the key to success is to get a good education preferably with impressive grades to be able to find good employment in big multinational companies. One look at our
more successful Asian brothers will easily reveal that their economies were founded on local entrepreneurships, not employment.
There is therefore an urgent need to correct this anomaly that has left our country behind in economic development. This is most crucial as the whole world economy now faces the onslaught of globalization, a trend which cannot be stopped and will not be stopped.
Our country drastically requires the development of a mass-based entrepreneurial class if we are to survive globalization. A country of employees such as ours will always have a government that is beholden to multinational companies. On the other hand, a Philippines with
a wide-based entrepreneurial class can exist on its own and could even wield companies hostage in this country.
The Philippine economy must be controlled by Filipinos. “Para umunlad ang ating bayan, kailangan umunlad ang negosyanteng pinoy.” This is the battlecry of the Globalpinoy Chamber of Small and Medium Enterprises. With every activity of Globalpinoys, we hope to spread the seeds of Filipino entrepreneurship to the four corners of the archipelago or wherever the Filipinos maybe.
But for the entrepreneurial class to flourish and succeed, we critically also need the cooperation and support of the government.  Globalpinoy Chamber of Small and Medium Enterprises likewise commits itself to attempt to persuade government to implement laws and incentives conducive to the development and success of home-grown entrepreneurs.
With you, the local entrepreneurs, behind us, we will succeed finally in creating a powerful entrepreneurial class. YOU the local entrepreneurs of this country will be the next heroes of the Philippines!
Bakit kailangan mong mag-negosyo?
Magagamit mo ang iyong kinikita sa kapaki-pakinabang na paraan.
Hindi mo na kailangang magsilbi sa iba, sa negosyo mo, ikaw ang ‘amo’ Magkakaroon ka ng oras para sa iyong pamilya.
Di mo na kailangang mawalay sa iyong mga mahal sa buhay upang kumita ng pera sa malayong bansa. Di na kailangan ang mawalay sa iyong mga mahal sa buhay. Magiging buo ang iyong pamilya at mabibigyan mo ng maayos na patnubay ang iyong mga anak dahil kapiling mo sila. Makakatulong ka sa bayan sa pamamagitan ng pagbibigay ng trabaho at serbisyo sa mga taong nangangailangan.
Para sa mga katanungan at paglilinaw, tumawag sa Telepono (632) 926-0860 o celphone +63920 425 9973 o magpadala ng email sa o magtungo sa tanggapan ng Globalpinoy Chamber of Small and Medium Enterprises, Inc. na matatagpuan sa #6 Bayanihan Drive, Project 8, Quezon City, Philippines.
Globalpinoy Management Team


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    what are the programs of global pinoy?

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    you might want to check-out their site or contact them directly. contact details are indicated above.

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