Rice and Chips on bookstore shelves at National Bookstore


I’m pleased to announce, that after I sold RICE & CHIPS from the trunk of my car as original copies from Copylandia (ala John Grisham and many successful “trunk authors”, God Bless those first readers – I do owe you a beer), National Bookstore will finally sell the Pearson Prentice Hall version tomorrow in their various branches. Amazon.com is already carrying the new book (not to be confused with the older version).


Foreign publishers (the likes of Penguin, HarperCollins, etc.) do NOT publish Filipino authors because:
          – we photocopy a lot of books
          – we don’t have a market (daw)
          – for a lot of reasons, etc.

Let’s prove them all wrong. Let’s show them that Filipino authors do have an audience, and we value our authors!

I hope we will support the works of Filipino authors everywhere, not just me.

Dennis Posadas
Author/Columnist/ Consultant
Dennis Posadas is the author of RICE & CHIPS: Technopreneurship and Innovation in Asia
(Pearson Prentice Hall Asia, June 2007).

See http://ricebowlandchips.blogspot.com for more information about the book.


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