KMAP Cafe Topic: Social Networking

July 20, 2007

Last night I attended the monthly meet-up of KMAP at the Dome Cafe, Podium Mall Pasig. The regulars, Apin ‘the KM guru’, Vic of SGV DDI and Daan of ADB were there. Apin was our professor in Knowledge Management at the UP Technology Management Center where i’m still taking up my postgrad. I also met new friends Veronica – a freelance writer, Kristina of RFOC and Bjorn of IL International Inc., the husband of Vikky my TM schoolmate who’s also present.

I was late, the group was lively discussing about how social networking is being utilized by countries like India, who as we know Indians are dispersed all over,  leverages on technology to keep in touch. US based and are the frontrunner in this field. Internet startups nowadays are driven by social networking, and so Apin posed the question ‘what’s the next big thing?’. For a while was a hit, but technically it can’t cope with the demand so users migrated. In Asia they are still is number one. There’s this Cebu based, originally a social networking site for party people, now venturing to a virtual world SL type of service.

Social networking is about promoting yourself, being popular : )  Check out and start rating people! Linkedin which i started to use early last year, but frankly has not seriously took advantage of it 😦 has introduced quite a number of functionalities to create your network of professionals. Guys, as KM practicioners better Linkedin! From collaborative authoring to source code sharing someone knows somebody that anybody needs to connect. Just beware how this is applied. A classic scam application of social networking is the usual ponzi scheme where not suprisingly Filipinos had tasted a new flavor in the form of and alike. Beware be very aware!

Until next KMAP meetup. And i forgot to take pictures : (


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