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August 26, 2007

My apologies to have not updated my blog for a very long time, I’ve been busy with;

You may continue reading article’s regarding Technology Mangement through Technology Management: Our Definition team blog. I plan to restart my Manda Tech initiatives next year 2008!


2 Responses to “Technoguy >> Technology Management: Our Definition (for the meantime)”

  1. Geraldo (gary) Manalo Says:

    hello brod, i just dropped by your site, i’ll visit tm definition in a while to see what’s going on. kumusta .2? di pa ako tapos sa never ending .2 ako na lang yata naiwan sa batch.

    best regards.

  2. tivo Says:

    HI Gary, good of to drop by, i’m still working with my .2 so im with you brod, the quest for learning has no deadlines : )
    let me know if you’re interested in contributing in TM Definition., we could sure need a hand ; )

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