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August 29, 2007

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Dear All,

We are pleased to offer to NGOs, socio-civic organizations, schools and universities, research organizations and think tank consulting firms, foundations, government institutions, and international organizations our Revised Edition of the resource directory called Directory of International Funding Organizations, Nonprofit Organizations, NGOs, Corporate Donors, and Relief Agencies”.

It contains over 1,000 entries of international funding organizations, NGOs, nonprofit organizations, corporate donors and relief agencies.

It has a comprehensive index that covers all the initiatives and advocacies that makes it easy to search for a matching funding organization or donor for grant, technical assistance or in-kind donation.

The index is user friendly and lists initiatives from human rights, gender, women, children, environment, health, education, enterprise development, art and culture, micro-finance, and many others.

Funding organizations supporting these initiatives are listed down together with their corresponding page(s) in the Directory.

The size of the Directory is 8-1/2″ x 11″ and it has 497 pages.

The Directory sells for P950.

The entries in the Directory are up-to-date and these were gathered, verified, and edited by our team of researchers and our editorial board.

Each organization entry lists the following useful information:

· Contact Person
· Contact Address, Telephone No., Fax No., Email Address and Website Address
· Brief Description
· Priorities and Programs
· Type of Support
· Regions/Countries Served
· Restrictions
· Mode of Application
· Typical Size Range of Grant

This resource Directory is of immense value to organizations who wish to implement their preferred social and community oriented projects including promoting their advocacies when they seek funding, technical assistance, and in-kind donation.

Examples of these projects could be poverty alleviation; education; drug abuse awareness and prevention; teaching skills and training for the out-of-school youth; job creation; enhancing micro-enterprise and enterprise development; providing basic medical and dental care to the marginalized and the underserved; gender; women; children; mitigating and making people aware of the risks and dangers of HIV/AIDS; educating people on family planning; micro-credit and micro-lending; environmental and eco-system awareness and education; food security and agriculture productivity; helping the spread of ICT to bridge the digital gap between the underprivileged
youth and the underserved; helping identify appropriate technology to increase agricultural production and agro-based manufacturing; LGBT; and many other worthy causes and advocacies that are championed by many NGOs and other organizations. We are also selling the Proposal Writing Guidebook, 2nd edition, 2007. It is a comprehensive book in writing winning proposals that grant writers could use as a ready reference and guide in crafting project proposals.

The Guidebook includes topics on LFA, Project Management, Financial Management, Budgeting, Proposal Writing Details, and many other important chapters that could help a proposal writer craft a project proposal that will enhance its chances of its being approved by funding organizations for funding.

It has a Glossary of Terms chapter and a universal template outline including a case study on an ICT Project that could be replicated in your own community, town or city.

The Proposal Writing Guidebook sells at P500.

If you order both the Directory and the Proposal Writing Guidebook, we will shoulder the cost of Aboitiz courier delivery to your address. Please deposit the total amount of P1,450 to the following bank coordinates:

Account Name: Tritium Knowledge Center Publishing
Banco de Oro Savings Account No. 440209153


Account Name: Tritium Knowledge Center Publishing
Metrobank Savings Account No.:086-3-086- 32852-7

After making your direct deposit please fax to us the copy of your deposit slip, together with your name, contact number, and your complete address.

If we receive your fax in the morning, we will ship the books in the afternoon. Transit time from the time Aboitiz courier picked up the package in our office is one day for Metro Manila destination and 2-3 days for provincial destinations.

If we receive your fax in the afternoon, we will ship your package the following morning.

If you paid by check, we will wait until your check payment clears with the bank.

Mr. Danilo D. Pineda is the Publisher of Tritium Knowledge

Center Publishing and is the author of the Proposal Writing Guidebook, 2nd edition, for grant proposal writers who wish to write winning proposals that funding organizations are willing to fund or support.

Mr. Pineda is a proficient lecturer of Proposal Writing, Project Management, Social Marketing, Strategic Business Planning, Impact  Assessment, LFA, and Enterprise Development.

Many NGOs, foundations, cooperatives, schools, colleges, universities, government agencies, LGUs, socio-civic organizations, church based organizations and other nonprofit organizations have purchased the Directory and the Proposal Writing Guidebook and found it very useful in identifying grant makers or donors for technical assistance and in-kind donation for their worthy projects and in crafting winning

The Directory and the Proposal Writing Guidebook are an excellent reference resource and addition to your library.

Your investments in these resource books will help you immensely in your search for grant funding, technical assistance or in-kind donation.

You and your organization will definitely benefit from the Directory and the Proposal Writing Guidebook.

We are attaching below the JPEG pictures of the two books. We look forward to hear from you soon.

Thank you.
Karina M. Alburo
Consultant and Assistant Publisher
Tritium Knowledge Center Publishing
Unit B, 701 Rosal Street, Mandaluyong City,
Metro Manila
Email address: tkcp_ph@yahoo. com; tritium@pldtdsl.net
Tel No. (632)531-0084
Mobilephone No. 63919-229-9777; 69319-229-9780; and 63915-780-4379


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  1. Request for partnership in development work in India. Please see our details website-www.raghunathpursls.org

  2. Request for partnership in development work in India. Please see our details our website- http://www.raghunathpursls.org.

  3. valton foundation Says:

    Please we need help for the funding of our projects in CAMEROON ,AFRICA,please will mail you other details,thks

  4. Valton Foundation Says:

    I think you the directory for international funding organizations wil be ofr great help to us.

    But how to get it since we are far of here in Cameroon and electronic banking such as the use of credit cards is still a dream over here?

  5. caroline kizito Says:


    iam 27yrs old and a total orphan.
    my parents houses are lying vacant at home and i was interested in changing the home to a rehabilitation center.
    i live in kenya
    Kindly advice

  6. hi, your directories is a big help to us to find a funders

  7. William Says:

    I am interested. Please send me info and want to attend to your foundation management seminar. give me the forthcoming schedule.

    You can contact me at 545-6015; (0922) 5910847.


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