So close yet so far and then close again. Thanks to Online Buletin Board!

It’s been two years over now since we’ve moved in to our condominium unit. It was the first wave of pre-selling model of real estate developers’ ditch to regain from the slump in the late ’90’s. In the span of two years i’ve seen the community grow, although the whole project has yet to be finished, we moved in as soon as our unit is ready for occupancy when the project was about less 20% complete — now it’s 85% or so.

In our building alone there are about 132 units! If all are occupied, about 260+ residents. In which case i knew 2 on first name basis and about a handful by recognition plus of course the people in the administration office. Not a good statistics if i plan to run for public office. Unlike the usual Filipino neighborhood where most barangay residents knew each other. Condo living tends to isolate you from the rest of the tenants except of course if you’re invited to a party or the association meeting. You need to make an effort to meet up with everybody else. ‘Walang sari-sari store para tambayan’. Apart from what my daughter calls YAI, Yaya Association Inc. which gathers around the rotunda every morning to have their ‘alaga’ sun bathe, there’s not much of community bonding.

 About a month ago, when bai Joel and I started an online project, i also decided to create an Online Buletin Board for our community. Thanks to PHPBB, i had it configured with ease. Now from 2 i have 14 other acquintances. I still have to promote the site to each and every household manually since we don’t have a mailinglist. In short span of time we have discussed common issues and concerns in which we can’t unless we hold a meeting. And that will take a great deal of scheduling.

The forum gives us the liesure to meet at our own convenience and hopefully schedule meet ups, as there’s no substitute to old fashion face-to-face gathering, although our clubshouse cannot accomodate everybody; like any other forum here are some benefits and considerations to take;

  • this medium also documents any informal exchange of information in which we can utilize in the future
  • to grow the community each tenants has to have internet access
  • volunteer moderators is a must
  • forum rules are followed
  • share common interest

We’re (with the subsribers) hoping to grow the community as this breaks the barrier between bulidings and clusters and helps us to be closer as neighbors.

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