Today’s Terror Act (is it?): What the government can learn from Pinoy Big Brother the Marikina City’s CCTV Project

October 20, 2007

Glorietta 2 ExplosionIt’s a bad day to end the week; “Makati blast a’terror act,’ military says“, an explosion of undetermined source was reported at the Glorietta 2 area of the Glorietta Center, Makati City, Philippines. I was just returning to the office after having lunch with Peggy and Dan – contemporaries from BPI when we heard emergency sirens. Glorietta was was just 2 blocks from my office and it was easy to notice that there’s a commotion going on.

The initial information that surfaced was an LPG tank from a storage of a restaurant leaked and exploded, until the numbers of causalties were reported and the rest of the picture was painted. It’s unlikely that this was a mere LPG tank leak. A probable accident but with strict business compliance in Makati this can be considered unlikely. Until the angle of a terror act surfaced and so the start of what could be a long investigation.

If it were a terror act, in which local groups can be considered mercenary rather than faithful disciples of blowing themselves in the middle of a crowd, the ‘thing’ may have been planted around the perimeter of the mall since Glorietta also have their ‘strict?’ mall guards with their ‘magical wands’ checking every bag (and i believe roving snooping dogs inside the mall) going inside. And so what’s left to monitor — the streets and corners outside the mall!

Sounds like a help from ‘kuya’ of Pinoy Big Brother is needed. No not entering his house but cctv installations on a ‘very’ public place. A step pioneered by the Marikina City government. Why not, if you’re out there somebody is likely to see you doing your thing. In this case it can be recorded! And for these purposes can help solving crimes. A practice not only using cameras but also with loudspeakers in UK. Imagine 4 million video surveillance? Perhaps the most installed in the world.

CCTV is not new technology, it’s the deployment and religious analysis of it’s data will prove it’s usefulness. The complementary technology of which will determine how effectively it can be utilized;

storage : how much data can be stored, archiving and retrieval
resolution : to validate images when investigating
coverage : 360 degrees eye view

 Private or government initiative — nationwide? Not another NBN please!

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