Call for presenters and sponsors: Social Networking and eBusiness Conference

Fiera de Manila ( and DigitalFilipino Club
( presents Social Networking and
eBusiness Conference Philippines 2008. This event shall serve as a
forum where the latest trends, business models, revenue opportunities,
challenges, and its evolution are discussed.

The Social Networking and E-Business Conference Philippines 2008 is an
event geared towards:

1. Companies who wants to see the potential of social networks for
advertising, word of mouth, and reaching out to users with big social
networks for collaboration.

2. Current, start-up, and upcoming players in the social networking
industry who would like to gain insight and share perspective as to
how this industry is evolving.

3. Internet users who are interested to find out how this dynamic
space will change in the years to come.

We are calling for presenters and sponsors for this exciting event.
Parties interested can email Fiera de Manila at ph or
call +6328960639 or 37.

Key Conference Tracks

1. Evolution of Social Networks
As the Internet becomes popular and friendly, every Internet user is
able to form their own social networks in various forms such as chat,
forums, discussion groups, websites, blogs, trading or auction,
photos, web-to-mobile phone text messaging, wikis, file-sharing, and
websites that serve as a meeting point for users to share personal
developments and connect to other people. This track covers the
various developments and where will it go.

1.1 State of the social network / Social Network Analysis
1.2 Dynamics of Friendship Networks
1.3 From Friendship to Business Networks: Potentials and Challenges
1.4 Creating Passionate Users (Game, Social Networks, Photo
Collaboration, File-Sharing)
1.5 Social Network Friendly Gadgets (mobile phone or PC company)
1.6 Lifestreaming in the Philippines (uses of technologies like
Twitter to share developments in our lives)
1.7 Impact of Social Networks in Business and Mobile / Telecommunications

2. Marketing and Communications in Social Networks
The Internet has become social and presents new challenges for
businesses to be heard amidst the noise. The power of the user is
growing in terms of controlling their information and whom they only
want to heard of. Are you capable to engage in this new space?

2.1. Profile of the social-network- powered Consumer
What is the profile of social network user today?

2.2 Corporate Communications 2.0
Updating corporate communications program, policies, and practices to
tap into the power of social networks, blogs, podcast, vlogs, among

2.3 Marketing through social networks (case studies)
Sharing experience on marketing and communications campaign done
through social networks and its effects.

2.3.1 blogs
2.3.2 social networking websites
2.3.3 vlogs
2.3.4 in-game
2.3.5 mobile
2.3.6 chat

Evening: Evoke Night
Speakers are given five minutes each who will share their interest,
ideas, pitch, hacks, new projects, new websites, in relation to social

Day 2

3. E-Commerce Trends in Social Networks
With social networks, one doesn’t have to build an expensive website
to find customers. Multiple platforms are now available where users
can sell or offer their services online.

3.1 E-Commerce in a Social Network Environment

3.2 Offering services online
E.g. Amazon Mechanical Turk

3.2 Exploring wiki-culture in organizations

3.3 From search engine optimization to social media optimization

3.4 Business Models for Social Network Companies
How to generate income from a social network site?

3.5 Doing E-Commerce in Games and Virtual Worlds

4. Development Program Opportunities

A look into the wide-array of developer programs today that developers
can explore:

4.1 How to build a social application?

4.2 Application Development Platform Opportunities
e.g. NetVibes, Amazon Web Services, Facebook, Google Open Social

4.3 Heightening User Experience in Social Networks

4.4 Funding Social Network and Web 2.0 Projects
Is there capital and funding for these type of projects today? How can
developers tap it?

4.5 Managing storage and security needs of social networks
With a growing amount of data (photos, videos, blogs,
etc.), social networks are fast becoming huge repository of personal
information. This talk provides insight on data storage needs and
security requirements to protect user data.

4.6 Creating portable widgets
Development of web parts that users can plug in their profiles or web
pages hosted in other sites.

4.7 Making your application work with the big players

5. Social Network Legal Challenges
There are legal challenges in building and being part of social
networks. This includes user data protection, libel, copyright
violation, hacking, pornography, among others. This session discusses
this and how can you protect yourself.

Registration fees:
Eight thousand five hundred pesos (P8500) for 2 days. This covers
meals and conference kit.

Early bird registration discount is 10% (payment before March 15, 2008)

A group of five (5) discount. Send four (4) paying delegates and send
another one (1) for free.

Active DigitalFilipino. com Club members
( are entitled to 15% discount.

Limited exhibit booths and corporate sponsorship package available.
Parties interested can email Fiera de Manila at or
call +6328960639 or 37.

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