finishing what i have started in 2003

June 22, 2008

i enrolled my last sem/class for the master in technology management at the up tmc.  my project completion tm299.2 – the documentation of pm tools consolidation assessment methodology by prof elvira zamora and tm225 tqm – total quality management by prof nestor raneses. Actually tm225 is already a penalty course since i should have finished the course by 2007 and this year it’s already my 6th year. I have been in and out of the school since i was promoted ; ( win some lose some.

but it looks like it’s worth the penalty, part of my role as pm process and tools manager for the asia pacfic (for nsn) is to facilitate the KPIs of site engineering’s quality management. TQM will provide formal education to quality standards but also insights to other industries through my coursemates. I’m looking forward to it’s prof raneses’ exercises. 

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