Secura International is looking for Project Managers

June 26, 2008

Danny Manayaga, president of Secura International is setting up four biodiesel plants next year and is looking for qualified Project Managers with experience in a greenfield setting up of oil extraction facility. Candidates must be able to handle foreign and local contractors and vendors. Applicants with related experience are encouraged to apply!

Danny is a pioneer in the local biotech industry, from papaya enzyme to rabies vaccine to biodiesel from coconut. Late last year  during a meet-up, he discussed about the promising source of biodiesel from malunggay which we commonly use as part ingredient for chicken tinola. But instead of the leaves, the seed will be the source of energy. We don’t eat the seeds anyway.

This is an alternative for farmers aside from the known applications of the moringa tree, the biodiesel application is an obvious solution to the rising fuel cost. With a minimum of 1 hectare the farmers can earn P200,00.00 (net). Secura International will be buying these seeds and  process it. This is Philippines answer to jathropa initially popularized in India.

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Interested? contact Danny : secura[@]pacific[dot]net[dot]ph


111 Responses to “Secura International is looking for Project Managers”

  1. marlou pechon Says:

    Totoo yang P250 payment for identification card malaking pero magkano lang capital nila yan, dapat isumbong yan sa government authority, grabe ang effort ng mga tao dahil sa promise tapos wala

  2. Marlou Pechon Says:

    Patim aw na tawon secura oi, ayaw mo ug sege ug pangatik, malooy mo sa mga tao

  3. lor Says:

    pagtarung mo mga taga secura e klaro ninyo sa publiko…gamita ang media daghang salamat…

  4. lor Says:

    kanang kantidad nga 250 peso sa 1000 emplyee mudangat kana ug 250000k malaking pera yan e ang tanung para sa an yan at kung sa id man yan ang companya ang mag provide hindi ang employee..

  5. kaibigan Says:

    mga kaibigan wag kayong mag alala may video at photos kami sa kanila pag nadaya tayo timbog sila………dahil parang walang paki sila sa mga comment dito gumawa pa sila nang furom pero hindi nila sinagot mga comment what the style……?

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