Manny Pacquiao and technology

June 29, 2008

Congatulations to the PacMan! Manny Pacquiao, currently the no. 1 boxer in the world to have achieved capturing four world titles in four different weight division. The only Filipino and Asian to do it! Aside from basketball and  billiards, boxing is one of the popular sport in the Philippines  — we both excel in the latter two! Growing up, everybody would reserve their Sunday morning to tune to a championship game. From radio broadcast, to tv broadcasting, to cable tv, to pay-per-view, to recently Smart Telecoms launched through Smart TV covers the recent title bout

When Pacquiao started to caprure worlwide audience, communities around the Philippines started to setup live showing of his fights through widescreen mass viewing — courtesy of our politicians. And taking a commercial route malls or movie theathers will having this event covered for a price, a hefty price compared to a regular movie. And today i took that route; thanks to:

  • a ‘social network’ although i can watch at the comfort of my home or in the movie theathers, there’s no thrill like watching the speed and power punch with the cheers group you ‘know’. Dominic’s HS bacth, a schoolmate at DBTC organized this showing at the auditorium of Busko.
  • the usual ‘SMS’ or text service does the job, a day before the fight i recieved the invite and a simple reply confirmed my attendance. No brainer mobile tech service
  • Pay-per-view service through satellite broadcast, bring broadcast television anywhere. Hook it up to a widescreen projector and everbody’s in synch of shouting whenever  Pacqiao connects his jab, hook, uppercut and whatever he unleashed to David Diaz!

Pushing the available personal technology, if you cannot attend on time you can catch the initial rounds at the palm of your hand, via mobile TV.  Just make sure you’re not driving and watching!

With these setup it’s a pity why the local tv stationstill push their format of delayed telecast — commercial ad-punch-commercial ad-punch, endless. This is why digital television will end this vicious cycle.  Adverts can be inserted within the viewable area, imagine a Bloomberg style of sports broadcasting.  You can view information about the boxers, past fights, statistics and of course advertisments. Imagine you can buy the same boxing shoes Pacqiao is wearing online.

Can’t wait for Pacquiao’s title defense and check how technology is helping fans to experience the thrill of the event!

(The classic solution for traffic jam: Pacquiao fight. It keeps the drivers indoors)


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