Yet another fuel price increase. Here are some quick fix!

July 6, 2008

It’s a weekly habit! Fuel price increases every week — at least here in the Philippines. And the most affected are professional transport drivers, i.e. Jeepney and taxi drivers. They can’t afford to have the benefit of using a credit card ( Either the government is playing numb or they are in the process of implementing something big in the energy sector. Secretary Reyes hello!

Some quick remedy instead of starting off the monday with protests;

  • jeepneney drivers to schedule shifting rounds among members. Not everytime jeepneys can fill their capacity. They can make a study on supply and demand and so  implement shifting schedule for route members. This way they can fill their passenger capacity at the same time save gas on empty trips. They can follow BPO schedule.
  • order taxi service, instead of taxi roaming around the metro, implement an efficient ordering service with a small premium. Taxi driver can save on fuel finding customers. Besides mobile phone services are too common nowadays.
  • the famous car pooling for private cars. need i explain more. I observed this scheme while in Indonesia, drivers will get a ticket if they are found travelling alone within a specific area and timeframe.
  • promote motorcycle lane and its safety. This small ride can go a distance.

with these quick fixes, we not only address how to save on gas but ease traffic jam! I’m into pop culture and so riding mass transport everyday is not a problem.


One Response to “Yet another fuel price increase. Here are some quick fix!”

  1. Gary Says:

    Another quick-fix is to replace Reyes!

    Re Jeepney. The UP IKOT/TOKI dispatching system can be replicated in some areas of the Metro; indiscriminate loading and unloading should not be allowed, because it slows down traffic; crawling traffic flow = high fuel consumption, which of course puts a smile to Oil companies.

    Re Taxi. I would like to see TM Labs explore a Taxi ordering service: 828 TAT (Text-A-Taxi). It would be much more easier to replace Angelo Reyes than to find a taxi driver who does not have a mobile phone.

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