Are Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs Good For Everyone?

July 30, 2008

Compact fluorescent light bulbs, also known as compact fluorescent lamp (CFL), are becoming common nowadays. Most CFLs are designed to replace the ubiquitous incandescent lamps. CFLs are said to use less power and thinner in appearance but with a higher purchase price. I have replaced some of my light bulbs at home and I can guarantee that it’s good than its predecessors. My 20 watts CFL is brighter than my other 22 watts incandescent fluorescent lamps. The Philippine government itself mandated all its offices to replace all current lamps with CFLs.

I planned to replace all my light bulbs with CFLs but I changed my mind when I read the following interview by CNN with an expert on electrical engineering. It seems that with the kind of CFLs being sold now in stores we are bringing in more mercury into our homes.

Are CFLs Energy efficient? Yes. Safe to humans? We need assurance. Environment friendly? I doubt it.

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Understanding flourescent light bulbs 

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