Bank of the Philippine Island’s (BPI) new homepage

August 17, 2008

i believe about a month ago, Bank of the Philippine Island (BPI) had a facelift – their homepage that is. And it’s a facelift it is, only a facelift. The same issues they have with regards to usability and performance are still issues that the bank needs to deal with.

  • the bank obviously has a critical mass of subscribers and so loading of pages takes time to the point that it times-out or worst it only loads the banner image. The bank needs to assess their strategy and roadmap in developing their online services. Provide a robust but relatively fast platform.
  • member pages remains to be the same as the old structure and look-and-feel. The contents on most pages looks cluttered, where the core content is mixed with informational material.
  • when logged-in, it reset the authentication on several pages like ‘Home’ or spawns to another page forcing the user to be logged out. Once logged-in, the state should be maintained while providing information.

With the new homepage interface, it was clear that the focus was providing the clients with integrated online services with emphasis to customer satisfaction;

  • emphasis on log-in, going straight into your account.
  • tabular menu for faster access
  • right column link navigation, for majority of mouse users are right-handed 😉
  • rotating banner info-mercial
  • services on multiple platform, atm-web-phone
  • and a lifestyle approach to banking, highlighting testimonial and video

They could have done better by;

  • emphasizing on security, i.e. the logo of verisign can be considered lost compared to the images introduces – ‘Opens 24/7’ image
  • the tabular info material on testimonial,promos,videos are reloading the page, which is taking so long – they could have used ajax technology for these sections
  • and aside from not-so-crisp images, how could they forget the ‘ToS’ information.

Providing financial services over the internet requires;

  • security, client’s peace of mind that their information is moving on a secured channel. Im sure this is every bank’s priority but they need to educate or visually emphasize the strategy
  • speed, there’s always a thought of unsecure transaction whenever it takes time to load a page
  • ease of use (usability), banks can learn from web2.0 usability – the use of bigger fonts and crystal clear pages.

I’ve been using bpi web since day one, but since i’m technically inclined i can manage. Now a common passbook holder can access the internet, the bank needs to put this in mind.

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