A2A or I2A: ‘Airport-to-Airport’ or ‘Internet-to-Airport’

August 31, 2008

Mostly my business trips are within the asia pacific region and having been to the same country more than twice i seldom prepare for these trips. Just grab my luggage and print my ticket first thing in the morning (my wife takes care of whatever i can find inside my good for 3-days suitcase, Millie e-mailing my e-ticket).

But tomorrow is different, i’ll be going to Dublin for our bi-annual workshop. And Dublin is new to me. So aside from the usual – i’m visiting couple of sites to familiarize myself during the trip. The first site is Schipol Airport, where my stop-over is. Manila-Amsterdam-Dublin.  Then i visited Dublin Airport. It’s actually a convenient thing to do, doing your homework before heading to your destination. at least everything’s available over the web. And then i just thought of visiting Ninoy Aquino International Airport, although i’m not suprised the no. 1 google result is coming from wikipedia, the other relative source www.miaa.gov.ph is not available. I’d say the airport website is considered as the second site must visit after the tourism site of any country. The site provides the essentials for the traveller;

  • Map (of the airport) – this is on top of my list especially when you are having a connecting flight with a limited time. Familiarize yourself where to go.
  • Transportation – where and what to take, after you have checked out of the immigration
  • Brief about the country – weather, currency and a guide to the city

If the Philippines is serious about attracting tourist, where’s the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) web?  A Chinese or Korean version is also a must.


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