Singapore Airlines’ Inflight Entertainment System, real entertaining

October 11, 2008

I was on my way to Delhi early this month. Catching my flight from Manila to Singapore was the usual routine – i’m flying SIA. The leg going to Delhi was quite interesting. The interior of the plane was redesigned, didn’t quite noticed whether it was a Boeing or Airbus, anyway the striking new feature was the Inflight Entertainment system. It’s a wow factor for an economy seat! 9″ monitor, USB port, LAN port and RCA jack (i think).

Inflight Entertainment Systmem Menu

Inflight Entertainment Systmem Menu

The menu system is a totally revamp from the text drill down model. They should have thrown a touch screen to it – a killer interface! You’ve got the usual Movies, Television, Music, Games and Learning module. They’ve added the PC module with OpenOffice! This will allow you to work while fying without your laptop. Did i say USB earlier? Yes, you need that port to read your data and to save on.

Now you don’t have to worry about your laptop running out of battery. Then if you have your ever trusted multimedia player you can pluc it in to use a wider screen. One thing i haven’t figured out is the LAN port? I’m so hooked with the new system i didn’t have time to ask. Now this is competetive advantage, i have flewn with TG, MAS, LF, KLM – nothing came close. I haven’t tried carriers from the middle east though, my friends and colleugues says they are also great in terms of exceeding customer satisfaction.

I normally ask for playing cards and this time they don’t have it, so perhaps that’s the trade-off.

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