Announcing lang my new book (“Power Without Virtue”) from Rene Azurin

October 12, 2008

Source: katipunanforum egroup

A Critical Perspective on Philippine Governance

The book hasn’t been formally launched yet but I am told by the publishers (Anvil Publishing Inc.) that it is now available at Powerbooks, FullyBooked, and National Bookstores in Metro Manila.

If you think it might be interesting, I hope you will not only get a copy but also spread the word.

If you’d like a preview of the book’s cover and some testimonials, please let me know and I can email these to you.

Thanks, loads.


2 Responses to “Announcing lang my new book (“Power Without Virtue”) from Rene Azurin”

  1. Jun S. Says:

    Hey, i bought ur book and i would use it for my Politics and Governance class. Thought the hard bound was pretty expensive. Good thing the publisher came out with Paper Bound copies. Looking forward to reading more of your work/books. Thanks. God bless.

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