SAP’s acquisition of BOBj, both scary and exciting

November 20, 2008

SAP’s Reporting and Analytics 2008 just concluded here in Las Vegas.  Finally, SAP has well-communicated to its Solution Partners and the User Community its technology roadmap after the controversial acquisition of Outlooksoft last year and recently Business Objects (BOBj), formerly referred as BO.  Contrary to its position a few years back, SAP has followed suit with that of Oracle’s strategy in growing its product portfolio – through acquisition of other software companies.  

Outlooksoft’s strength is in the Business Planning and Consolidation solutions.  BOBj’s strength is in the Business Intelligence arena.  Prior to the acquisition, SAP has it’s own BI and Planning/Consolidation solution called the Strategic Enterprise Management (SEM), a component of the SAP Netweaver BI.  Its acquisition of both Outlooksoft and BOBj has created uncertainties to those companies who have already adopted SAP Netweaver BI within its information system.  Comparing the 3 solutions, both Outlooksoft and BOBj win in matters pertaining to the ease of deployment, of its being more user-centric than IT-centric.  BOBj’s use of real-time data acquisition when extracting data and generating dashboards has catapulted BI’s ETL approach.  Outlooksoft and BOBj has the strength in the front-end, BI has the strength in the backend. 

A plan to merge the three solutions is ongoing, but everyone must expect pains along the way.  So far, a ramp-up version of the merged solution is already in place.  But it might be scary for companies to adopt the merged solution this early.

For what it’s worth, the conference succeeded in communicating its roadmap for the Business Intelligence solution.  It’s a promising solution I’d have to say.  Think about switching careers mga bai!

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