Manny Pacquiao and the Filipino Workforce

December 8, 2008

Before anything else — he (and team Pacquiao) did it again! Undoubtedly the no.1 pound-per-pound boxer in the world, congratulations Manny ‘PacMan’ Pacquiao. Another Mexican (American) has fallen, and this time it’s the biggest name in boxing in this generation, the ”Golden Boy” Oscar dela Hoya.

Just a little over 5 months ago i posted ‘ Manny Pacquiao and Technology‘, about broadcasting a spectator sports in different mediums. Fast forward, today another historical achievement was documented, an underdog in after 8 rounds turned to be the AlphaDog! This time let’s set aside the techonology management behind the fight but instead i’d like to correlate the bout to another post ‘Filipinos Global Workforce‘. The parallelism of the boxing match to the current Filipino workforce phenomenon:

  • 65%-35% pay split, with the Pacman getting the smaller share.  Outsourcing to the Philippines means cheaper workforce. Or professional/OFW abroad are competetively affordable providing quality outputs.
  • dela Hoya’s Dream Team amd Pacman’s good ól team. Western enterprises always hires the best money can buy, while a local enterprises normally acquires knowledge transfer from foreign mentors and grow with their contemporaries. In thise case Freddie Roach as the trainer and Buboy as the contemporary. Dela Hoya enlisted hall of famers.
  • Big Bear training camp vs. Wild Card Gym. Western counterparts will always get the modern technologies at their disposal to enhance their talents. On the contrary Filipinos will get by with what’s available and use these resources to hone their talents.
  • The venue. Since western economies are bigger, Filipinos need to travel to a greener pasteur similar to OFW or professionals seeking opportunites abroad.

These are only simple analysis of what’s quite obvious, it’s also quite interesting to note that once again Pacquiao has proven that nothing is impossible as long as you put your mind into achieving your goals.


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3 Responses to “Manny Pacquiao and the Filipino Workforce”

  1. Romeo P. Belaza Says:

    Dear Sirs,

    Good Morning and I would like to greet everybody A Very Merry X´mas and A Prosperous New Year!
    I will not give a comment about this because everybody knows that Manny have a “strong will to achieved his lifetime goal” but not only that his always keep his healthy body to a real battle inside the ring.
    Presently I`m leaving here in Sweden and unemployed. I would know as well if there job opportunities in your organization or Manny Pacquiao Enterprize Corporation. Maski nang anong trabaho okay lang sa kin even “runner boy”
    I attained my Associate Degree in Nautical Science at Feati U. in Manila and have a long working and different kind of experince here in Sweden. I can send my CV(bio-data)if you ask me.
    “Siyempre Pinoy Pa Rin Ako”
    Maraming Salamat Po Sa Kanila,

    • tivo Says:

      hi romy, tm definition is not affiliatead with PacMan Enterprises. we do however post opprotunities related to industry that leverages on technology. when you comback, please do check poea about opportunities for ocw. i’m sure you can get a new job in the field of nautical science. on the otherhand you may want to start taking short courses, as an addded value to your expertise. there are also available opprotunities to start your micro/small business.

  2. I would like to know again kung may possibilty para sa kin na I can land a job through this mail comment.
    As I said, don`t have any comment about this matter, but still going to send this message that possibly to reach Manny that I really badly need a job (house boy or gardener any kind).
    I have experienced as well about martial arts “Wing Chun Kung Fu” which I trained before way back 1985 in Gothenburg(Sweden 2nd largest city)
    Home address:Romeo P.Belaza
    Stavangergatan 16 nb
    164 38 Kista
    Landline 5391
    Cellular 262
    Salamat pong Ulit

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