home network

January 17, 2009

home network

home network

The two weeks off i took before the year ends got me a good chance to document the home network that was gradually getting ‘technical’ from the beginning of ’08. The Intenet subscription has always been there since i was using this to connect to the office when i’m on ‘home-office’ mode — via VPN. I bought the linksys router from the entrpreneur.com.ph forum when a member was migrating abroad to work. I use my N93i with 3G/HSDPA subscription as a backup to connect to the internet when the DSL service is down, though it seldoms happens. I also use this for a quick email check and Flickring images using Y!Go over WLAN.

With a good number of my wife’s relatives living in the United States, it’s only practical to subscribe with Vonage’s VOIP.  It’s a VOIP for dummy’s by the way, since i only have to plug the kit provided by the U.S. subscription ; ) and it’s as good as dialing your neighborhood with the same clarity of voice. And it’s cheaper than any international direct dialing service a local operator can offer!

A desktop is the next milestone when the kids research and project requirements were piling. Being a former IT administrator i did apply account management to my kid’s access, especially on time restriction and internet access. We don’t want them to stare on the monitor the whle day do we. So far the harddisk is still on it’s way to the midpoint. I also use this storage to save my digital images taken from my Canon DSLR. I’m still contemplating whether to save RAW on top of the usual format, while i’m saving for an external storage. Rena is also uploading her phone-taken images from her N73 using a direct connect via USB.

With PSP’s WLAN capablility you can not only play against each other but also use it’s internet functionality, i.e. surfing and chat via Skype.  Although it’s alphanumeric input is not as user friendly as a keyboard or a mobile phone, the RSS feed usability read-only is enough for the meantime. WLAN is also the medium i use when connecting to the network with my IBMX61, i can work around the house.  I configure friends laptops when they do make a visit.

2009: storage and multimedia (at least). Dobbie’s (colleuague at NSN) initiative with small group of home network enthusiasts from the office i plan to upgrade my home entertainment connected to this network.  Movies. Music. Images. And certainly documentations like this.

Who’s your home network? You may not notice you may have something going on – start documenting it, you may forget the IPs or password you’re using.

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