Biometrics and Credit Card in Jakarta.

September 15, 2009

Couple of weeks back i visited Jakarta, Indonesia. I cannot remember if i have noticed it before but a biometrics lane was there to receive arriving residents or perhaps registered aliens. It was a service from Saphire.saphire Singapore and Malaysia (if i remember it correctly – among asean country) have implemented this solution.  I quickly checked Saphire news feed and according the release it was implemented since Feb this year. I wonder whether this is part of the security measure of asean initiative?

Another 1st was the credit card facility in the Silver Bird taxi service. If it’s your first time landing in Jakarta and you forgot to arrange a hotel pickup – just take any taxi that has a ‘Bird’ brand on it. birdgroupI usually take the silver bird from the airport and blue bird when going around the city. It’s safe and the fare rate is consistent. Anyway, this time around i was quite happy to see that they are already offering credit card facility and so if you haven’t got the cash you know what to do. Which means official receipt comes with it.

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2 Responses to “Biometrics and Credit Card in Jakarta.”

  1. novrizal Says:

    Speaking about Blue Bird Taxi, you abselutelly right dude, since that’s the most famous and save transporation for everybody not only for foreigner..
    well let me know once you come again to jakarta 😉

  2. novrizal Says:


    just in case you or your friend would like to go to Bali, let me know since my brother in law have a tourism business there, so you can deal with him for Flight ticket, hotel, private taxi, tourism activities ( snorkling, diving etc ) and anything related with tourism under his business names BALI VIEW, he use to assist american embassy foreigned employee and the important things is you will have a good price or we may say friendly price than the other 😉

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