Typhoon Ondoy: Quiet after the storm

September 27, 2009

It’s been 20 years since my old neighborhood experienced flooding in the streets. Is this a cycle? We have monsoon rains, yes. But typhoons are something we really need to prepare for, and yesterday we got hit. Even a well planned drainage system won’t help if you are up against nature. Just take a look at this : http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=118456&id=1786892336&ref=mf, an underpass at the heart of Manila’s business district. Just imagine the rest of the city.

Relatives and friends are not as lucky as we are, who have to deal with isolation, traffic and the flood creeping their houses.  In a sunny Hanoi, i’m checking updates over inquirer.net, facebook and sending sms back at home. For some reason it’s hard to connect my call — which is understandably possible due to the flooding.

A new sunny day is up and it’s time for cleanup. It’s sad to hear lost of loved one’s http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/breakingnews/nation/view/20090927-227073/Storm-Ondoy-kills-40. We depend on local government to help us, but here’s some actions to do until everything returns to normal;

  • make sure to have clean drinking water, since the flooding may contaminate the water system, make sure your purified water can supply enough stock
  • stay dry and warm, most disease related to this catastrophe are water borne.
  • if you still have electricity, charge all necessary communication devices, i.e. mobile phone or computer for communication purposes
  • Most people did not expect yesterday’s sad aftermath,  stores may be closed so check your food supply.

Five years back, TM’ates we’re brainstorming of solutions in these times, we’ve came of  ‘ready-to-eat meal’ or RTM. These are normally supplied in the military or aerospace explorations where the food was dehydrated and packed in aluminum. RTM’s can easily be distributed in disaster center where preparation is minimal – just add water and heat it, similar to instant noodles. RTM’s are packed with complete nutrients. The other solution is a quick response center which is designed in a 10′ container where coordination is done. Dispatching such coordination center is faster in location stricken by the disaster since all necessary components are available at an immediate call.

extending help:

Help typhoon Ondoy victims,don8 2 Red Cross.4 Smart,pls txt RED to 4483.For Globe,txt RED to 2899


One Response to “Typhoon Ondoy: Quiet after the storm”

  1. Aileen Says:

    It’s sad to hear about the news. I hope the help doesn’t just stop on providing relief goods and temporary shelter though.

    I hope they start cleaning-up the drainage system or better yet, install a new drainage system big enough to hold the waste of millions of people in Manila.

    We really should start getting serious about recycling and implementing a stricter garbage disposal.

    Good to hear that it’s sunny in Manila already.

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