OpenProj=MS Project

December 11, 2009

If you’re looking for an alternative MS Project-like application, you may want to download OpenProj by Serena Software. Download the application for free!

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2 Responses to “OpenProj=MS Project”

  1. Support is a big issue when you get stuff for free. That’s why a lot of companies prefer to stick with MS Project rather going the open-source, free route when it comes to managing their projects.

  2. tivo Says:

    a commercial application (as well as open source) comes really with the strategic intent of the organization. free application has its own undertones i.e. support cost or training cost. while you will also incur these in a commercial version, you can evaluate the free versions that will suite your organization’s pm processes — without a timeframe of owning it.

    For the case of OpenProj, as i have been using it for a considerably manageable project, it is sufficing my needs as MS Project would.

    An application assessment is required based on your project management needs is required in the selection of the right pm tool for your organization.


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