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AmidalaRedjeulle is obviously the queen of the pack. This picture does not do her justice, of course she is in disguise here. In her past life she was a maharlika, and have garnered enough bad karma points to be an aliping sagigilid in this life. In her professional life, she has toured several international organizations, and currently she is on her fifth. She will not stop until she becomes the Official Tattletale of the United Nations. She believes that hell is reserved for people who answer their phones inside the moviehouse, and that testimonial whores in Friendster should be gutted alive. She is also currently engaged to Dennis Trillo, they plan to get married as soon as his career is over.


R2D2At the time the term call center was still a feasibility study, tivo and the team of ATM Monitoring Unit of the Bank of the Philippine Island was already working round-the-clock to make sure you have the money you wanted to withdraw. No, he’s not inside the machine like R2D2 here! He operates at the bank’s data center. From maintaining the ATM network to the bank’s PC network, when mainframe guys from IBM thought PCs were for games only, he figured the culture does not fit his thirst for continous learning. After a couple of interviews he ended up in a relatively new company that everybody thought was from Japan. What’s the phone you’re holding? Information Technology, Business Infrastructure, Service Management until the lightning struck, their team was outsourced to guess who — the Big Blue : ) After a year, he found himself back in that phone slash telecom company. Based in the Philippines, he now supports the Project Management Services of the Asia Pacific.

All these are nothing compared to his first professional stint as Offsite Broadcasting Engineer with the ‘Kapamilya‘. He thought he had reached heaven when their team covered the 1994 Miss Universe pageant in Manila. When the famous island count depends on low or high tide, as replied by Ms. Charlene Gonzales back then. Imagine being surrounded by the most beautiful women on the planet, SWEET!

Tivo is writing a paper on Technopreneural Ecosystem in Mandaluyong City, where he intends to spend the rest of his life…SA LOOB!


Darth VaderFor Ruprup, personal pleasure is derived from challenging mundane living and senseless existence. Satisfaction lies in bursting bubbles, burning laurels, and redefening the status quo. Mission in life is the ability to share the developed self, reconnect the within to the outside real living and strike a balance among all aspects of life. The abovementioned characteristics are aptly perfect for money-making activities that occupied precious, very precious time. After 5 companies, several fields have been championed — to name a few: product development of home care and bath products, product quality evaluation and testing, food quality assurance, marketing planning and sales on the side. Presently, Ruprup is involved in idea and concept generation for the application of fragrances and flavors, complete with product identities and images.

Future ventures involve a testing facility and an R&D outpost for, of course, personal care products. Beauty, after all, is a very important aspect of life, wherever it is – skin deep or superficial.


Twenty years of discovery – three industry giants ranging in food, telecoms, and information technology; traveled across the globe in two continents and six countries; professed master of none; aspiring technopreneur; and future MTM. The alter ego of Han Solo and borne out of the Indiana Jones era, how he wished he was either of them in another universe. Ericdc’s interests varies in many ways ranging from cars, motorcycles, computer gadgets, wireless devices, guns, boats, jets, animals, nature, composite materials, games, coffee, chocolates and whatever new things he could get his hands on. Don’t get him wrong, he owns none of them and definitely not an expert. He just has this uncanny ability to understand things in a different kind of way. He can be reckless at times but he only does so based on his gut feel. He can be pragmatic but is still able to pay particular attention to planning and details. Oftentimes he gets into predicaments that only his foolhardy courage and wit can get him out of. His passion and conviction leads him to believe in the saying, “How good is a man if he cannot make his world better?”


JarjarDwinnix is a man of few words, often perceived to be serious but redjeulle’s tacit “hongas” and tokwatic wit never fail to amuse him. He is a proud Bisdak, his supply of chicharon and dried mangoes incites envy from uninteresting professors, (this group would rather sneak out for a bite or two than yawn). 

He labels himself a certified knowledge nomad. He has let pass a number of career growth opportunities – have switched careers from banking to accounting to auditing to systems consulting and management. While those experiences have enriched his life (and CV), he is currently contemplating where to go next.


c3p0.jpgJRB, like C-3P0, is a protocol droid, adept at “human-cyborg relations” and is fluent “in over six million forms of communication.” Actually, for JRB it’s a little less than that, he can write well in C#, Java and but can only speak conversational SQL and halting C and C++. A nerd then? Not really. Remember that Threepio’s main function as a protocol droid is to assist with etiquette, customs, and translation so that meetings of different cultures run smoothly. See! He could be C-3P0!

Although C-3P0 is considered a junk, i.e. comprised of many ancient parts, JRB has likewise been trying to replace those junk with something worhwhile. Both of them are now pondering this wisdom: “Don’t ask yourself what the world needs; Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and then go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” (Harold Thurman Whitman)


wicket.jpgFor a guy who prefers to solve math problems or create computer programs, than write a short one-page essay, and who would often try to use the largest font type and size allowed, and pad with line spaces all his papers back in college in order to comply for the required number of pages, it is surprising that Habster enjoyed writing particularly blogging nowadays. He said that it is his therapy to battle homesickness and loneliness since he was exiled to the Merlion City.

Habster was once a teacher, an incubatee, a corporate slave, and now a software developer geek. Having been on the client and vendor shoes he was able to experience both sides of the Force. His brain whines a lot about work, his organization, the management, and his slow computer in the office. Give him a cup of coffee or a few bottles of beer and he will blab about it. Let us do a simple experiment, throw him a faster notebook, plus a coffee or beer and ask him to blog about it instead.


darthmaul.jpg“So, this is earth?!” That was OjieLS when he came to this world. Pretty much the first impression he had when he first entered the Technology Management program (except that it was “So, this is TM?!”). Coming from a protracted stint in college, OjieLS didn’t have too much expectations from this course. Short term objective then is to get into the program. Long-term objective is to earn the degree, probably a Ph.D. later on and well, perhaps own a multibillion Euro company. It might all work out because he threw four coins in the fountain instead of the requisite three.

This cool dude and some of his equally cool batchmates took TMC courses in stride knowing full well that other than the high grades (and the occasional INC), spectacular presentations, voluminous reports, engagement in intellectual discussions, bugging professors and at times just bumming at the back of the classroom eating – a clear sense of what TM can offer to our community is a very important factor in entering the program.

A stint with a government ICT and R&D institute cemented his ideals of significantly contributing to society — a transfer to a multinational company known to be a responsible corporate citizen in the telecommunications industry gave him even more leverage towards achieving said purpose. Normally impatient in getting things done, OjieLS learned soon enough that one tiny little step is all it takes to reach the greater things in life, which he intends to eventually share with his compatriots. Excellence to some is just an act…he would like it to be a habit.


Obi WanTpanahon is an odd yet interesting kind of fellow.  His career path is so colorful one can perhaps make money making a bio-flick on his life. He studied Philosophy in the German-run seminary, got his MBA from Ateneo while getting embroiled in rallies and DG sessions at UP, went to London for his finance specialization, got posted as investment banker in Vienna, came back to Manila pushing for European technology projects in Asia while doing consultancy on corporate rehab and development banking. And then almost by fluke (a friend convinced him to try “this new course on the Katipunan block”), he enrolled at the UP Technology Management Center, finishing the MTM course in April 2006.

He claims three events as major tests to his professional and personal life – his involvement in extracting Marcos money from the claws of Swiss bankers; the push for Agila satellite project in the Philippines; and his tiff with Japanese partners on how to run a Philippine bank, sending his enemies to a jail term. He learned a lesson or two in all these: Having a crusading spirit and sticking to principles can be hazardous to one’s life and career, but yields to a stronger character as a result!

With his twin masteral degree and a current PhD course in business, a new interest has lured him – financial innovation in LGU resource mobilization plus teaching assignment at the Ateneo European Studies Program. This engagement gives him a good venue to share his knowledge on TM and innovation – his new advocacy.

The ‘Dean’ is in!


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