And then there was 3!

July 20, 2010

Ericsson, NSN or Nokia Siemens Networks, and Huawei battle it out in the ultra competetive telecommunications industry. The latest consolidation . . . NSN + Motorola.



February 22, 2010

In less than 3 months now the Philippines will be making yet another history, the automated election. The preparation process has been shadowed by doubts and controversies, a common phase in the acceptance of change.  This exercise is also a continuous development of the Philippines commitment to e-governance. Fellow TM’ate Gary Manalo has compiled references of Philippines e-gov initiatives through his blog

My father Rene Mallillin (#16) is running for Councilor in the second district of Mandaluyong. If the residents of the district decides for a change come May 11, i will be more than willing to implement the promises of e-gov.

Couple of weeks back i visited Jakarta, Indonesia. I cannot remember if i have noticed it before but a biometrics lane was there to receive arriving residents or perhaps registered aliens. It was a service from Saphire.saphire Singapore and Malaysia (if i remember it correctly – among asean country) have implemented this solution.  I quickly checked Saphire news feed and according the release it was implemented since Feb this year. I wonder whether this is part of the security measure of asean initiative?

Another 1st was the credit card facility in the Silver Bird taxi service. If it’s your first time landing in Jakarta and you forgot to arrange a hotel pickup – just take any taxi that has a ‘Bird’ brand on it. birdgroupI usually take the silver bird from the airport and blue bird when going around the city. It’s safe and the fare rate is consistent. Anyway, this time around i was quite happy to see that they are already offering credit card facility and so if you haven’t got the cash you know what to do. Which means official receipt comes with it.

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After filing for bankruptcy, Nortel is in the midst of selling off its business units. One familiar player is bidding for it’s wireless unit. Interestingly, Rudy – a contemporary way back in my BPI life was once connected with Nortel and Cisco and now is with Avaya. I’m actually wooing him over to join our organization but he’s just a little less than a year working with Avaya and it does not look good in your CV when your bouncing around. Anyway, two other colleagues are connected with Nortel, by being the client of which, of their voice application products. But with the recent developments of the once darling of the Northen Americas, both of their organization are starting to replace their install base with Avaya. And that’s where Rudy comes in. Apart from the forecasted BPO flow in the country he’s also doing sales call to organizations wanting to replace Nortel products.

Normally troubled companies, if not shutting down, are being bought by healthier competitor. Although their technologies may not be compatible, the survivors simply takes the market share and integrate or/and retire the previous’ product line.

And so whether Avaya will buy Nortel’s voice applications or not, their clients are vulnerable into folding the leading supplier/s to avoid any technical problems along the way.

Are you using Nortel?

Micropreneur Trends

December 21, 2008

Brussels, Belgium — Increasingly, consumers are participants instead of passive audience members, and this mega-trend manifests itself in a variety of ways. In fact, the more we hear about GENERATION C making money from its creations, and the more we focus on the financial rewards consumers are reaping from participating in CUSTOMER MADE projects, the more myriad other entrepreneurial undertakings by ordinary consumers make sense.

We have dubbed this trend ‘MICROPRENEURS’: a vast army of consumers turning entrepreneurs; including small and micro businesses, freelancers, side-businesses, weekend entrepreneurs, web-driven entrepreneurs, part-timers, free agents, cottage businesses, seniorpreneurs, co-creators, mompreneurs, pro-ams, solopreneurs, eBay traders, advertising-sponsored bloggers and so on.

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Before anything else — he (and team Pacquiao) did it again! Undoubtedly the no.1 pound-per-pound boxer in the world, congratulations Manny ‘PacMan’ Pacquiao. Another Mexican (American) has fallen, and this time it’s the biggest name in boxing in this generation, the ”Golden Boy” Oscar dela Hoya.

Just a little over 5 months ago i posted ‘ Manny Pacquiao and Technology‘, about broadcasting a spectator sports in different mediums. Fast forward, today another historical achievement was documented, an underdog in after 8 rounds turned to be the AlphaDog! This time let’s set aside the techonology management behind the fight but instead i’d like to correlate the bout to another post ‘Filipinos Global Workforce‘. The parallelism of the boxing match to the current Filipino workforce phenomenon:

  • 65%-35% pay split, with the Pacman getting the smaller share.  Outsourcing to the Philippines means cheaper workforce. Or professional/OFW abroad are competetively affordable providing quality outputs.
  • dela Hoya’s Dream Team amd Pacman’s good ól team. Western enterprises always hires the best money can buy, while a local enterprises normally acquires knowledge transfer from foreign mentors and grow with their contemporaries. In thise case Freddie Roach as the trainer and Buboy as the contemporary. Dela Hoya enlisted hall of famers.
  • Big Bear training camp vs. Wild Card Gym. Western counterparts will always get the modern technologies at their disposal to enhance their talents. On the contrary Filipinos will get by with what’s available and use these resources to hone their talents.
  • The venue. Since western economies are bigger, Filipinos need to travel to a greener pasteur similar to OFW or professionals seeking opportunites abroad.

These are only simple analysis of what’s quite obvious, it’s also quite interesting to note that once again Pacquiao has proven that nothing is impossible as long as you put your mind into achieving your goals.


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GO get your name.

December 4, 2008

No, not that you need to be born-again and register your name. I’m talking about getting your own domain name. Have a business, for personal use or even for your pets, having your own brand  in the internet provides the easiest channel to promote your intent. Imagine how many Jose or Maria, John or Mary names are registered in your community. There are no laws in these duplicates, but of course maintaining a good reputation is another story. But in the world wide web, there can only be a single owner of a unique name similar to owning a business name.

Most if not all large enterprises have registered their company name, tradename or brand name to leverage the internet’s full potential. Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are catching up and with the prolifiration of blogging personal domains are also becoming popular. .com, .edu, .net, .org, .country code were the most popular extensions until the database was not enough that new groups were introduced such as .mobi, .tv and .me. The demand has been so huge that you can acquire your own domain for $9.99 for a year. Domain service providers includes the internet bigwigs such as yahoo, google and msn and of course local providers within your community, city, country are also available, you can google domain name and your county.

Owning your brand in the internet and having a web presence may not be your priority but registering your domain name has all the advantages and i recommend you get it as soon as possible. You may park it for the meantime while you are thinkering on what to do about it. Or even profit from it, if you’re not interested and somebody would like to buy it from you. For SMEs, it does not differ from the same intent large corporations on the competetive advantage you may create from this platform. For personal use, the simplest publication of your profession or specialization (online CV) offers a wide range of opportunities.


This is a part of a series on ‘How to leverage the Web’

I was on my way to Delhi early this month. Catching my flight from Manila to Singapore was the usual routine – i’m flying SIA. The leg going to Delhi was quite interesting. The interior of the plane was redesigned, didn’t quite noticed whether it was a Boeing or Airbus, anyway the striking new feature was the Inflight Entertainment system. It’s a wow factor for an economy seat! 9″ monitor, USB port, LAN port and RCA jack (i think).

Inflight Entertainment Systmem Menu

Inflight Entertainment Systmem Menu

The menu system is a totally revamp from the text drill down model. They should have thrown a touch screen to it – a killer interface! You’ve got the usual Movies, Television, Music, Games and Learning module. They’ve added the PC module with OpenOffice! This will allow you to work while fying without your laptop. Did i say USB earlier? Yes, you need that port to read your data and to save on.

Now you don’t have to worry about your laptop running out of battery. Then if you have your ever trusted multimedia player you can pluc it in to use a wider screen. One thing i haven’t figured out is the LAN port? I’m so hooked with the new system i didn’t have time to ask. Now this is competetive advantage, i have flewn with TG, MAS, LF, KLM – nothing came close. I haven’t tried carriers from the middle east though, my friends and colleugues says they are also great in terms of exceeding customer satisfaction.

I normally ask for playing cards and this time they don’t have it, so perhaps that’s the trade-off.

Mostly my business trips are within the asia pacific region and having been to the same country more than twice i seldom prepare for these trips. Just grab my luggage and print my ticket first thing in the morning (my wife takes care of whatever i can find inside my good for 3-days suitcase, Millie e-mailing my e-ticket).

But tomorrow is different, i’ll be going to Dublin for our bi-annual workshop. And Dublin is new to me. So aside from the usual – i’m visiting couple of sites to familiarize myself during the trip. The first site is Schipol Airport, where my stop-over is. Manila-Amsterdam-Dublin.  Then i visited Dublin Airport. It’s actually a convenient thing to do, doing your homework before heading to your destination. at least everything’s available over the web. And then i just thought of visiting Ninoy Aquino International Airport, although i’m not suprised the no. 1 google result is coming from wikipedia, the other relative source is not available. I’d say the airport website is considered as the second site must visit after the tourism site of any country. The site provides the essentials for the traveller;

  • Map (of the airport) – this is on top of my list especially when you are having a connecting flight with a limited time. Familiarize yourself where to go.
  • Transportation – where and what to take, after you have checked out of the immigration
  • Brief about the country – weather, currency and a guide to the city

If the Philippines is serious about attracting tourist, where’s the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) web?  A Chinese or Korean version is also a must.