Pinoy Security Expert is my HS batchmate

I attended our highschool (HS) reunion last december, more of a christmas party. There’s a handful of batchmate (Aquinas B’89) who is also in the Information ang Technology Management industry.  Val (na walang malay) M. is into ethical hacking and is managing clealy was into something. We are now collaborating to form an end-to-end […]

Philrice Training schedule for the second half of the year

A year ago we posted the list of training schedule from Philrice — After inquiries and a year later where we now experience shortage in supply, i got a reply from yet another TM ‘mate Glen Ilar, who’s in charge of the training portfolio. He’s a Senior Science Research Specialist at the Philippine Rice […]

Looking for hardware (PCB) engineers

A colleague is helping out a start-up company (PCB design business) that is looking for applicants for the following positions: —————————————————————————————- Hardware Engineer Must possess at least a Bachelor’s/College degree in Engineering (EE, ECE or CoE) or equivalent Knowledge of PCB circuit layout and design (fresh graduates are welcome to apply) Willing to work on shifts for a start-up […]

Do Something You Love and Money Will Follow

The most important consideration of the world’s most innovative companies is how to develop and maintain a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship.  One of the issues that should be addressed is the need to stimulate innovation. Departments such as marketing and manufacturing are known as the money-generators, while R&D is one of the departments known […]

How to grow the Rice that we eat. PhilRice Training Courses.

Trainings on Rice Science and Technology for Farmers  A. Refresher Course on Hybrid Rice Seed Production and Certification  Date and Venue: March 27-29, 2007 at FTIC Rm. 4, PhilRice, Maligaya,Science City of Muñoz, Nueva Ecija Rationale: The launching of the Hybrid Rice Commercialization Program of the President in 2002 poses a big challenge for PhilRice to train […]

TMBlog Best of 2006

Four months into blogsphere the team has published into diverse categories in which Knowledge Management was the widely viewed and reviewed. Is this a trend? Are we (the enterprise, our readers) serious about KM? Interestingly blogging is a tool that falls into the same category.  Initially we wanted to share our learning’s from UP’s Technology Management Center and our professional […]

Product Testing

Product testing is quality assurance in the context of research and development.  This measure is conducted to determine the acceptability, safety and efficacy of products.  It is imperative, but unfortunately, the most tedious and expensive part of the whole research and development process.  But then again, it is important. Then why is it very important?  To start […]

Developing Creativity Part 3

As mentioned in the previous posts, creativity can be developed and there is a process that governs this.  Mentioned earlier, there are four phases to this – knowledge accumulation, incubation, “eureka” and the implementation/monitoring part.  On a personal note, knowledge accumulation (KA) is the most important of the four, thereby, the focus of this third […]