With El Nino and La Nina, forecasting weather becomes half easier. It’s  going to be hot or very wet. How hot it is going to be or the volume of water pour is a different forecasting in itself. Not so long ago, weather forecast were published only on  the daily newspaper and on prime time television news. Nowadays there is the internet and a full-access of information that comes from the bureau (www.pagasa.dost.gov.ph) and organizations with the same interest. With the high profile case of climate changes, the P.I. is not spared (remembering Ondoy), which brings me to ask how are data gathered for analysis. If i read the daily forecast, it normally provides a temperature range for the whole day, i.e. 25 to 35 deg-C.

Practically that’s taking the probability of 25-35 applied to say 7am to 9pm of the day. Now weather may be the least of your concern from going to the office  ’till you head back home and looking for an umbrella because its raining like crazy. But the same weather can make or break your day. 25-35 will surely provide a good accuracy rate (right) but it is not as precise as we need it to be. Consider bringing umbrella or raincoat and not be able to use it is another way of looking at it.  Probe.

And lots of probes everywhere. I can remember making barometer and anemometer while in primary school as a science project, ever wondered where the gadgets ended up. Fast forward to the present and more technical schools after, we can install this project in every corner of the streets hidden on a lamp post or street signs. Powered by the sun or the harnessed wind and connected to a public wifi – the collected data by these probes can be uploaded to the bureau or a shared database. With different forecasting methods the public data can be very useful!

How about preparing the day with a very useful weather forecast. And there’s no other way to be prepared from a disaster than having a reliable historical data to analyze. Instead of simply watching video clips of the past.


Jumpstart in Amazon

April 19, 2009

Dennis Posadas just notified us that his new book is out . . .



Dear Friends,

My new book, JUMP START: A Technopreneurship Fable (Singapore: Pearson Prentice Hall, 2009), is now at Amazon.com at the link above.

I do hope you check it out.


Dennis Posadas
Author/Technology Columnist
http://www.businessweek.com/bios/Dennis_ Posadas.htm

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999 Business Ideas

March 17, 2009

Here’s another proof that ideas are dime-a-dozen and it’s only as good when you execute it. I was following Dan Miller’s 48 Days to the Work you Love and stumbled upon this link  http://www.sixmonthmba.com/2009/02/999ideas.html by Samba Blog. The list includes existing business models’ especially #789, I meant #688 with www.meebo.com, a reliable service i’ve been using since day one.

The list is quite handy and timely where governments are encouraging the growth of small and medium enterprises. I’m open to collaborations!

Before anything else — he (and team Pacquiao) did it again! Undoubtedly the no.1 pound-per-pound boxer in the world, congratulations Manny ‘PacMan’ Pacquiao. Another Mexican (American) has fallen, and this time it’s the biggest name in boxing in this generation, the ”Golden Boy” Oscar dela Hoya.

Just a little over 5 months ago i posted ‘ Manny Pacquiao and Technology‘, about broadcasting a spectator sports in different mediums. Fast forward, today another historical achievement was documented, an underdog in after 8 rounds turned to be the AlphaDog! This time let’s set aside the techonology management behind the fight but instead i’d like to correlate the bout to another post ‘Filipinos Global Workforce‘. The parallelism of the boxing match to the current Filipino workforce phenomenon:

  • 65%-35% pay split, with the Pacman getting the smaller share.  Outsourcing to the Philippines means cheaper workforce. Or professional/OFW abroad are competetively affordable providing quality outputs.
  • dela Hoya’s Dream Team amd Pacman’s good ól team. Western enterprises always hires the best money can buy, while a local enterprises normally acquires knowledge transfer from foreign mentors and grow with their contemporaries. In thise case Freddie Roach as the trainer and Buboy as the contemporary. Dela Hoya enlisted hall of famers.
  • Big Bear training camp vs. Wild Card Gym. Western counterparts will always get the modern technologies at their disposal to enhance their talents. On the contrary Filipinos will get by with what’s available and use these resources to hone their talents.
  • The venue. Since western economies are bigger, Filipinos need to travel to a greener pasteur similar to OFW or professionals seeking opportunites abroad.

These are only simple analysis of what’s quite obvious, it’s also quite interesting to note that once again Pacquiao has proven that nothing is impossible as long as you put your mind into achieving your goals.


Prove your capabilities to the world! Bid for a micro job without leaving your home.

GO get your name.

December 4, 2008

No, not that you need to be born-again and register your name. I’m talking about getting your own domain name. Have a business, for personal use or even for your pets, having your own brand  in the internet provides the easiest channel to promote your intent. Imagine how many Jose or Maria, John or Mary names are registered in your community. There are no laws in these duplicates, but of course maintaining a good reputation is another story. But in the world wide web, there can only be a single owner of a unique name similar to owning a business name.

Most if not all large enterprises have registered their company name, tradename or brand name to leverage the internet’s full potential. Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are catching up and with the prolifiration of blogging personal domains are also becoming popular. .com, .edu, .net, .org, .country code were the most popular extensions until the database was not enough that new groups were introduced such as .mobi, .tv and .me. The demand has been so huge that you can acquire your own domain for $9.99 for a year. Domain service providers includes the internet bigwigs such as yahoo, google and msn and of course local providers within your community, city, country are also available, you can google domain name and your county.

Owning your brand in the internet and having a web presence may not be your priority but registering your domain name has all the advantages and i recommend you get it as soon as possible. You may park it for the meantime while you are thinkering on what to do about it. Or even profit from it, if you’re not interested and somebody would like to buy it from you. For SMEs, it does not differ from the same intent large corporations on the competetive advantage you may create from this platform. For personal use, the simplest publication of your profession or specialization (online CV) offers a wide range of opportunities.


This is a part of a series on ‘How to leverage the Web’

Source: katipunanforum egroup

A Critical Perspective on Philippine Governance

The book hasn’t been formally launched yet but I am told by the publishers (Anvil Publishing Inc.) that it is now available at Powerbooks, FullyBooked, and National Bookstores in Metro Manila.

If you think it might be interesting, I hope you will not only get a copy but also spread the word.

If you’d like a preview of the book’s cover and some testimonials, please let me know and I can email these to you.

Thanks, loads.

It’s a weekly habit! Fuel price increases every week — at least here in the Philippines. And the most affected are professional transport drivers, i.e. Jeepney and taxi drivers. They can’t afford to have the benefit of using a credit card (https://tmdefinition.wordpress.com/2008/06/28/on-banks-and-fuel-cost-savings/). Either the government is playing numb or they are in the process of implementing something big in the energy sector. Secretary Reyes hello!

Some quick remedy instead of starting off the monday with protests;

  • jeepneney drivers to schedule shifting rounds among members. Not everytime jeepneys can fill their capacity. They can make a study on supply and demand and so  implement shifting schedule for route members. This way they can fill their passenger capacity at the same time save gas on empty trips. They can follow BPO schedule.
  • order taxi service, instead of taxi roaming around the metro, implement an efficient ordering service with a small premium. Taxi driver can save on fuel finding customers. Besides mobile phone services are too common nowadays.
  • the famous car pooling for private cars. need i explain more. I observed this scheme while in Indonesia, drivers will get a ticket if they are found travelling alone within a specific area and timeframe.
  • promote motorcycle lane and its safety. This small ride can go a distance.

with these quick fixes, we not only address how to save on gas but ease traffic jam! I’m into pop culture and so riding mass transport everyday is not a problem.

Q. What Chowking and Christian Bautista have in common?

A. Their products/services are both striving in Indonesia. Obviously Chowking for it’s pinoy-chinese meal or was it indo-chinese, and Christian’s good looks and voice.

When the first time i set foot in Jakarta, apart from looking for the nearest joint i can find movie titles in DVD ala “pirates of the sumatera“, like in any other destination i’m looking for something pinoy. From the same mall where the goodies are — Mal Ambasador, i found Chowking! Actually after a week of nasi goreng you tend to long for something different, like . . . fried chicken!?. Not that Chowking recipe is unique, initially i noticed that majority of the customers were Pinoys but most recently it’s a success in diversity. I find their halo-halo sweeter but it works for me, by the way it comes free when buying a combo meal.  The spicy sauces also comes in handy on the side, which is not available here. Truly Chowking has evolved into Indo’s local preference.

And Christian Bautista (CB), from a distant i thought i saw somebody familiar, not that we all look alike and came from the same ancestor — Malays, we drove past a billboard advertising his concert (not sure if this pushed through, since i heard there was a strom at the time when the concert was scheduled). Anyway, Pinoy Pop in Indo – why not? We look alike, we speak american english which they admire, and we sing like professionals (compared to the rest of the population) of course CB is a professional.

Convergence, after office with Pasky, Chowking for dinner and CB for background music. Pinoy na Pinoy with Indo flavor. Not that Indo’s cannot rip the music of CB and sell it at a bargain. Chowking can do ala Starbucks and sell original Pinoy music. Play it at the background. Nah, but that’s nothing compared to what Jollibee Corporation (Chowking’s parent cmpany) is selling hamburgers. Did i stop there?

Jollibee entered into entertainment business when starting Jolly Tv kids. With the influence of music on their restaurants here in Jakarta, they can start a promotion outfit to sell Pinoy talents. Indonesia and Malaysia are going goo-goo about Pinoy superstars anyway. One can only imagine the sheer population of this two countries. Jericho Rosales is also big in Malaysia by the way, thanks to telenovela. ABS-CBN or GMA will have a hard time setting this pace. But literally through the stomach of the millions, piped-in music can influence how the talents can become popular.

First toys now entertainment!

I heard that Jollibee tried to set up in Jarkata, but was not successful : ( Perhaps they tried the other entry strategy with the chinese community, thus Chowking. And let’s forgive CB about the national anthem scandal — shit happens.

P.S. when in Jakarta, i always take my dinner at Chowking’s Mal Ambasador branch.

I did it again, i just filled up another application form for another credit card! Although i have decided to limit my credit cards to two – one for personal use and the other for my travelling expense, care of my company, the weekly increase of the cost of fuel made me grab an application form and prepared for it’s requirements. It may be so that using your credit card to a consumable is not a good idea, well not with filling your car with fuel. And this is why i’m applying for one.

The big three as they commonly call them – Petron, Shell and Caltex partnered with BPI, Citibank, and HSBC respectively to provide consumers with loyalty programs such as rebates and promotional items, merchandises and reward points. This has been a customer relationship program for a while already and i simply ignored these because of my credit card rule. But i can’t help it if fuel cost are rising weekly with diesel to about PhP 50.xx. Every kilometer counts and every centavo saved can be converted to mileage.

The current rebate rates are;

I choose BPI-Petron, aside from the fact that both are local companies in which case one of consideration in choosing a product or service. The convenience of using both companies also became a great deal of qualification;

  • BPI provides a good (if not one of the best amongst local banks) ecommerce platform. I can pay from my bank account through the internet, thus saving paper transaction and time.
  • Compared to the gasoline stations in the proximity where i live, the price of Petron is the lowest – sometimes it can be the same.
  • The annual fee is waived – for life. Which translates to about PhP 1,200.00. Savings you can use for your care tune up.
  • With this scheme I intend to use the credit card for filling up the tank. Which also means i have one month leadtime to pay the bank. I can use the money to revolve for the meantime. I just have to make sure I pay everything when my bill is due.

How about loyaly program when buying rice!


When: December 8, 2007 (Saturday) 2:00 – 4:00 pm
Laurel Street corner Balagtas Street
UP Campus, Diliman, Quezon City
(Near the Football Oval)

How to get to the venue:

Take Jeepney near the Quezon Avenue MRT Station ride to UP Campus and get off at the Bahay ng Alumni. Walk along the Balagtas Street towards the direction of the Football Oval until you reach the BULWAGANG AKKAP at the corner of Laurel Street

Contact Person: Art Esguerra – C/P # 09204259973

Contact Persons: Prof Selma Cortes. – C/P# 09189278153; Tel # 4334111
Prof Marietta Reyes-Sotero – C/P # 09176966993

FREE Seminar : “How To Start Your Own Business”

December 15, 2007 (Saturday) 2:00 – 4:00 pm
Unit 2, G/F ARLE Square Complex
EDSA near corner Ortigas Avenue, Mandaluyong City)

How to get to the venue:

Take bus ride to Ortigas Ilalim and get of in front of Robinsons Galleria. ARLE Square Complex is adjacent to POEA Building along EDSA.

Contact Person: Art Esguerra – C/P # 09204259973

Fil-Overseas Sandigan Club:
Contact Person: Ed Manongsong – C/P# 09206975419 Tel # 7276737

Seminar for Filipino Entrepreneurs
Topics include:
1. Improving Filipino lives through entrepreneurship
2. Why Go Into Business
3. Rewards of Going Into Business or Entrepreneurship
4. Risks of Going Into Business or Entrepreneurship
5. Process Flow : Starting A Small Enterprise
6. Looking Within (Self Analysis) – Are You Entrepreneurial?
7. Looking Outside Factors to Consider
8. Decision-Making / Planning
9. Types of Business According to Ownership – Advantages & Disadvantages
10. Writing a Business Plan
11. Sources of Capital
12. Rules for Sound Financing
13. Choosing the Site/Location of Your Business
14. Registering Your Business
15. Requirements for Business Name Registration
16. Barangay Micro Business Enterprise (B.M.B.E.) Law
17. Managing Your Finances
18. Financing Assistance / How to get Business Loan
19. Franchise Concepts + “Mga Negosyong Kaya ng Pinoy”

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