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From WordPress to Ownpress

August 16, 2010

I will be using my own domain to press TM definition post to Technology Management Defined. I’ll be posting redirects to this new home where you can follow the same theme, until such time you get used to it . . .


And then there was 3!

July 20, 2010

Ericsson, NSN or Nokia Siemens Networks, and Huawei battle it out in the ultra competetive telecommunications industry. The latest consolidation . . . NSN + Motorola.

Online ATM when you need one!

September 16, 2009

I did mentioned (about) that i was once monitoring ATM network for BPI in the start of my career. It was BPI who introduced ATM as a service – 24 hrs service, we’ll at least that was advertised. But shouldn’t be BPI get penalized for wrong service offering information? It’s a 24hr shift alright and i got my share of keeping an eye of 200+ machines in the graveyard shift. There’s a daily routine where the network of ATM needs to be rebooted – if i’m not mistaken it starts at about 2 am and supposedly ends at about 4 am. That’s where the graveyard shift action is, the phone rings endlessly where either angry or frustrated cardholders call-in to demand the service!

I didn’t realized that i will also be as dependent as the customers i once served. The whole gang was to fly to eastern samar for a short getaway, traveling regularly i always thought that the airport tax have the same rate whichever terminal you’re in and so i needed quick cash. It’s about 4am and what you may know as the BOD for windows displayed in all 3 machines i tried – LINE TO SWITCH DOWN! I didn’t dawn to me at the first 2 machine until i remembered about this reboot about 15yrs back! Thinking it will be over in matter of minutes, since we’re fast forward now to 2009, i still hoped the last machine before Terminal 2 will be online — but it was not.


So after 15yrs (at least), the ATM technology has not evolved much except of course with the advert display while it is idle or the card reader security for piggyback readers. The service itself did not improved and is not living expectations. ATM are supposed to be robust, therefore only ‘heal’ when they get a chance i.e. service maintenance or when it is really ‘down’. Suppliers can design software updates in the fly like we have for current consumer computer applications. 24hr, no!

If you encounter this message: LINE TO SWITCH DOWN, in the morning (3a-5a) – wait until 6a or when the branch opens, tendency is that other ATM do not recover from this reboot!

Last week i’ve met Joel to discuss about rebooting the development ofzaatu-ad Zaatu was meant to address the growing BPO industry in the Philippines, by providing a web service for job listing. Now it will be pursued to be a talent management platform targeted for the small and medium enterprises.

googledocsGoogle Docs has been my free online storage of choice, until recently  i noticed that i’ve been using this as a collaborative tool with my colleagues. It’s free, it fits to sme’s requirement since buying a full featured office suite does not make sense if they are not able to use all of it’s bells and whistles.

I’ve created a new page ‘PM Tools‘ , to review available Project Management Tools in the market.  Managing the PM Processes and Tools for 4yrs now, i’d like to compare or at least identify the gaps from our in-house application. Read on.

After filing for bankruptcy, Nortel is in the midst of selling off its business units. One familiar player is bidding for it’s wireless unit. Interestingly, Rudy – a contemporary way back in my BPI life was once connected with Nortel and Cisco and now is with Avaya. I’m actually wooing him over to join our organization but he’s just a little less than a year working with Avaya and it does not look good in your CV when your bouncing around. Anyway, two other colleagues are connected with Nortel, by being the client of which, of their voice application products. But with the recent developments of the once darling of the Northen Americas, both of their organization are starting to replace their install base with Avaya. And that’s where Rudy comes in. Apart from the forecasted BPO flow in the country he’s also doing sales call to organizations wanting to replace Nortel products.

Normally troubled companies, if not shutting down, are being bought by healthier competitor. Although their technologies may not be compatible, the survivors simply takes the market share and integrate or/and retire the previous’ product line.

And so whether Avaya will buy Nortel’s voice applications or not, their clients are vulnerable into folding the leading supplier/s to avoid any technical problems along the way.

Are you using Nortel?

Aside from internal research and development, collaboration with partners and mergers another way of sustaining business through offering new product innovation is by encouraging employees to participate in a corporate wide challenge of coming up an idea that will benefit their employers. In essence corporations are developing intrapreneurs, entrepreneurs within the enterprise.

Let me share my own experience in the verge of being an intrapreneur. My previous employer, has started their own version of intrapreneurship through its Venture Challenge Program that started on the year 2002. Being in the company for 5 years that time I’m much immersed with the fast paced technological development the company has undergone. Although the Philippines office is a mere sale and marketing office, the company does not fall short in information dissemination among it’s stakeholders including their employees. The Venture Challenge or VC aims to encourage worldwide employees to pitch their ideas which of course align to the vision of the company. The company will own every submission of ideas as a trade the winner gets to start-up their own business unit and tap the company’s to make things happen. There are 3 rounds of qualification before being recognized as winners. First participants needs to submit a proposal, a document not more than 3 pages that will describe the venture. This will be the participant’s ‘elevator pitch’ trying to convince judges that their ideas are fit with the vision of the company and of course something that is achievable within a short term, there’s no point in passing the first round if the idea is from out of this world, one of the objective of the program is to generate new product innovation that can be introduced to the market as soon as possible – to capture the market. After the first round, qualifiers are then invited to the headquarters to further develop the study and validate if the existing capabilities of the company are able to support the idea. And final the third and final round is the awarding of winners which are being congratulated by no less than the company chief executive – one way of showing that their ideas are worth noticing by the no. 1 business leader in Europe; I think there’s nothing more appreciating than that. The day after is the rewarding part where the winners are then pulled out from their respective units and start their ‘own company’ as they start to develop and prove that their ideas are worth investing. The company’s resources are at their disposal.

Being an entrepreneur wanabee myself I have joined the program for two straight year. I have entered a concept product, an auto-credit transportation fee for every mode of public transportation by the use of your mobile phone and the operators as the collector. The second product I entered, an electronic module for toys that will capture the activities of your children and send the experience to their parents through wireless network. I must say both products quite gain perceivable in the long term. So for the meantime my entries pass only the first round, and kept on company asset for the future or perhaps being used as I wrote this paper. Now I’m enjoying the coffee cup that I received as a token of participation. I noticed they gave us a coffee cup for us to drink coffee, not to sleep so we can think more for them : )

That was 7 years ago. Does your organization apply the same initiative?

Abet’s 24/7 view

February 10, 2009

24 x 7 operations has been a trend since the boom of the call center industry. But in the food and beverage industry, Kowloon (siopao and siomai) has been one of the pioneers of operating round the clock.  My friend Abet (and his wife Lei) acquired a franchise about 2 years ago. With the franchise business model and some operational tweaking, the couple was able to cope with the startup challenge.

The location of the store and it’s operation timeframe was one of their challenge, without either of their presence.  Although the usual phone call normally solves any in-store issue, the couple is finding it hard to manage what they can’t see.  Lei is a natural internet surfer, after a short discussion about using the available technologies — it’s quite obvious that the solution was installing an IP web camera.



After more than a month in replacing their PLDT account with Globe’s bundled voice and DSL service,  I helped Abet configured their 24/7 view of their store.  We used the service of that provided the url for the web cam service. Globe’s router (aztech) needs to be configured to forward the http request to the ip based camera, an encore product which can be bought off-the-shelf.

The router comes with a dyndns client that is supposed to register the ip address to whenever it changes. So far the setup is reliable it’s been working for a week now. PLDT has it’s own service that they offer to SME’s. But with a little tech review it is as simple as setting up a printer to your PC.  The free dynamic DNS services offered by the likes of surely makes the internet a useful utility.

More information about the setup:

FULL TIME Web Designer Needed


– Possesses the ability in industry-standard web designer ordinance: XHTML, CSS, Javascript, Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator
– Basic knowledge of PHP/MYSQL, Ajax is a plus but not required
– Has a strong foundation in web design basics: layout, typography, color, and interface design.
– Must be willing to work in Ortigas

Interested applicants can email their CVs